Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.

HUMAN Expands Enterprise Protection from Sophisticated Bots and Automated Attacks With Newly Named BotGuard Solution


Global Enterprises Choose HUMAN for Superior Protection of Digital Customer Experiences

NEW YORK - (July 15, 2021) - HUMAN Security, Inc. (formerly White Ops), a cybersecurity company that protects enterprises from bot attacks to keep digital experiences human, today announced its newly-named BotGuard and a range of new features to further help enterprise customers defend their website and mobile applications from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud. 

BotGuard is powered by the Human Verification EngineTM, which combines technical evidence, machine learning, and continuous adaptation to deliver “human or not” bot detection decisions with industry-leading accuracy. The Human Verification Engine uniquely verifies the humanity of 10 trillion interactions per week while also harnessing internet scale visibility and a decade of data to deliver continuously adaptive and mutually reinforcing protection to customers, including the largest internet platforms. In its report, The Forrester New Wave™: Bot Management, Q1 2020, Forrester recognized that HUMAN “leads the pack with robust threat intelligence, attack detection and vision.”

“Enterprises find it increasingly difficult to defend websites and applications from sophisticated bots that can easily evade bot detection features in conventional security solutions that rely on behavioral monitoring or static lists, leaving your site and apps open to abuse,” said Mike Aiello, Chief Product Officer at HUMAN. “The features we’re launching today as part of the newly named BotGuard further enhance our solution’s best-in-class accuracy and manageability to help organizations protect their web and mobile experiences.”

“We’re hyper focused on ensuring rich digital interactions with customers regardless of how often they’re traveling. Sophisticated bad bots get in the way, wasting resources meant for engaging our customers,” said Neil Haskins, Head of Group IT Security, Seera. “With HUMAN we were able to identify the sophisticated bot traffic threatening multiple brands’ account log-in and registration experiences and get deeper insights to stay ahead of threats. We like diverting investments from bad bot traffic and the bad actors behind it to our real human customers.”

The newly named BotGuard protects web and mobile applications from malicious scraping, account takeover, account creation fraud, and in-app content and experience abuse. The BotGuard solution adds new features to further strengthen bot detection accuracy and mitigation options, new integrations with leading edge and web server solutions to speed deployment and reduce implementation efforts, and new dashboarding features to enhance visualization and enable granular policy customization.

BotGuard enhancements include:

Detection - BotGuard continues to detect bots missed by leading CDN bot management features. In one case, up to 14% of a customer’s invalid traffic was sophisticated bot activity that passed through a CDN bot management product completely undetected. Enhancements include detection innovations to protect websites from automated content scraping and simplified deployment on single page apps. 

Attack response - BotGuard integrates with industry-leading platforms to defend digital businesses using their existing best-of-breed solutions. Our enhanced integrations—including NGINX, Cloudflare, Fastly, AWS Cloudfront and Google Cloud Platform—speed deployment and reduce implementation efforts. BotGuard’s powerful custom response rules engine enables any customer defined response including CAPTCHA, step-up authentication, deception and the new HUMAN challenge checkbox.

Management and Reporting - BotGuard management enhancements include SAML support for single-sign-on and multi-user granular permissions to the API. Dashboard improvements include advanced visualizations, custom alerting configuration and custom data exports to create a HUMAN to customer feedback loop by integrating with SOC, SIEM and fraud team workflows.

Threat Research - Human’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team continues to take down multiple large-scale attack networks, proactively identifying and reverse engineering new threats to inform our detection techniques with new indicators against emerging attacks. Recent successes include Pareto where a 1 million node CTV botnet was taken down and the 3ve Methbot case that led to the successful prosecution of the criminal gang behind the operation.

HUMAN’s BotGuard is available now. 

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HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that protects enterprises from bot attacks to keep digital experiences human. We have the most advanced Human Verification Engine that protects applications, APIs and digital media from bot attacks, preventing losses and improving the digital experience for real humans. Today we verify the humanity of more than 10 trillion interactions per week for some of the largest companies and internet platforms. Protect your digital business with HUMAN. To Know Who’s Real, visit www.humansecurity.com.