Threats to Publishers: Malvertising & Bad Ads

Digital Advertising, Malvertising, Programmatic Ad Fraud,

Malvertising is a key tool in a threat actor’s arsenal. In 2021, Digital Citizens Alliance found that ad-supported exploits generated $1.3 billion in annual revenue for fraudsters. Three years later, and we can imagine what happened to that number - especially with the weaponization of AI. How can publishers and the larger programmatic ecosystem protect themselves against bad ads?

Our guest speaker, Forrester’s Mo Allibhai, and HUMAN’s Geoff Stupay discuss threats to publishers, and dive into:

  • Different tactics fraudsters are using to implement bad ads
  • How AI can accelerate a fraudster’s ad fraud schemes
  • The future of malvertising and ad fraud

Mo Allibhai, Forrester Research
Geoff Stupay, HUMAN

Moderator: Rosemary Cipriano, HUMAN