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Yieldmo Prevents Fraud Despite Rapid Growth



Yieldmo is an exchange for programmatic advertising, offering a new way to buy, sell, and serve digital ads. The company delivers success for advertisers and publishers with innovative ad formats and insightful data.

- Shawn Yang

Managing Director, Yieldmo

“Fighting fraud requires more than simple measurement. HUMAN’s focused and unique approach and the reporting of IVT is a major reason we originally started our partnership.”

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As one of the world’s largest independent ad marketplaces, Yieldmo saw the growth in mobile advertising firsthand. The company experienced a 677% CAGR in its available supply of ad opportunities over the past three years.

Yieldmo needed to ensure a fraud-free marketplace would continue for its advertisers and publishers. Ensuring inventory quality and trust is no small feat with fraudsters constantly building on their toolsets' false representation, automated browsing, and misleading interfaces to steal north of $2 billion of mobile ad spend. 

Despite this significant growth, Yieldmo’s global marketplace did not see a corresponding growth in fraud. By combining internal protocols and tools with actionable insights from HUMAN MediaGuard, Yieldmo was able to proactively insulating itself from any growth in fraud.

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Yieldmo turned to HUMAN MediaGuard to ensure inventory quality and trust.

To help fuel this growth, Yieldmo needed to ensure a fraud-free marketplace would continue for its advertisers and publishers. Implemented globally alongside proprietary tools, HUMAN’s Software as a Service MediaGuard provides value to customers by providing data on Request-to-Bid in programmatic advertising with little latency and delivered actionable insights to Yieldmo’s digital platform.

Relying on a multilayered detection methodology that uses technical evidence, continuous adaptation, machine learning, and threat intelligence stored on AWS instances through Snowflake Databases, the HUMAN fraud mitigation platform verifies more than 20 trillion interactions per week, an unmatched scale that powers the most comprehensive pre-bid prevention and post-bid detection capabilities to make a decision in the last mile, as close to the customer as possible. HUMAN also leverages Route 53 for authoritative DNS service for all its domains.


 Yieldmo quickly scaled its platform with confidence due to the protections it had in place. Combining internal protocols with HUMAN MediaGuard proactively insulated Yieldmo from fraudulent activity on its platform. Yieldmo’s invalid traffic (IVT) rate - already among the industry lowest at just 1% - declined 90% after implementing HUMAN MediaGuard to 0.1%. Laying the foundation of protection, actively monitoring all sources and adjusting as required, Yieldmo and HUMAN delivered trust in the marketplace for all partners.

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