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VPP Gaming Network Rebuilds Reputation After Losing 46.4% Player Reach Due To Malicious Ads



VPP Gaming Network is an ad platform for video games with half a million regular users and 500 million impressions. The company’s unique approach maximizes exposure and ad income for its more than 300 publishers, running ads across big-name players like Counter-Strike, Day-Z, and Team-Fortress 2 communities.

- Toan Nguyen

Founder of VPP Gaming Network
“We tried tools like Confiant, and while Confiant has a system to block malicious ads (and provide insight into active threats), it didn’t work for our needs.” 

- Toan Nguyen

Founder of VPP Gaming Network
“We heard of Malvertising Defense and thought, ‘we’ll give it a try.’ We contacted HUMAN and set up the free trial. The pricing is good, too. Within two weeks, we didn’t get any complaints. Even now, years later, we don’t have to worry about what’s going on or have people complaining or leaving our site because they have bad ads.”
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A prime target for malvertising, VPP Gaming Network found itself in a situation where players were complaining to developers about forced redirect ads in increasing numbers, and game developers began removing VPP’s ads from their games. 

VPP Gaming Network responded by putting in place well-known, available tools. But the company continued to get removed by developers due to malicious ads in the network. The team stayed up 24/7 trying to hunt down and remove malicious ads manually, but once hit, they were often powerless to undo the damage. During this time, the company’s customer engagement steadily decreased, losing 46.4% of their player reach and incalculable losses in terms of revenue.

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After being unhappy with their previous solution, VPP Gaming Network launched Malvertising Defense and quickly saw that it offered protection from every type of malvertising attack. 

With a single line of code, the team at VPP Gaming Network immediately benefited from Malvertising Defense’s sophisticated methods for malicious ad detection and blocking, highlighting these key capabilities:
  • Real-time behavioral analysis: Malvertising Defense blocks malicious ads in real-time based on malicious code within the ad. This eliminates the need for blocklists and manually tracking down bad ads. With Malvertising Defense, you are protected from known and novel threats with no manual intervention needed.
  • Easy integration: Malvertising Defense’s single line of code has protection up and running in minutes, instantly protecting site visitors from harmful attacks with no impact on site performance.
  • Maintains Publisher Revenue: Malvertising Defense is the only solution that allows ads to render before being blocked. This means malvertisers are forced to pay for their impressions.


Years after putting Malvertising Defense in place, VPP Gaming Network continues to rely on HUMAN to protect its network and promote ad health, player engagement, and developer confidence. As a result, the number of players in VPP’s network is on the rise.

  • Rebuilds Reputation: after losing nearly half of their player reach, VPP Gaming Network has regained confidence from players and developers, regaining followers and continuing to serve their clients with in-game ads that generate the right revenue.
  • Maintained Ad Revenue: Malvertising Defense’s real-time detection removes malicious activity with no cost to publisher revenue. VPP Gaming Network can now rest easy knowing they are protected with no threat of lost ad revenue.
  • Recovered Time: VPP Gaming Network no longer spends countless hours tracking down and removing bad ads. Malvertising Defense’s behavior-based approach to detection keeps their platform safe from all malicious activity in real time, even as new threats enter the ecosystem.
  • White Glove Customer Service: HUMAN’s hands-on and eager customer service team goes above and beyond, from implementation to swiftly responding to customer inquiries.

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