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TripleLift Drives Expansion into CTV



TripleLift is an advertising technology company reinventing ad placement at the intersection of creative, media and data. The business executes more than one trillion ad transactions every month on its marketplace.

Business Development Manager, TripleLift

We use the data and insights from HUMAN in the management of our partnerships as a decisioning factor in turning off, pausing or whatever we need to do to ensure our marketplace quality remains premium.”

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TripleLift, one of the fastest growing ad tech companies, is rooted at the intersection of creative and media, with  a true omnichannel offering.  One of TripleLift’s largest areas of investment has been around CTV, given the rapid growth in revenue and audience. But with this growth comes attractiveness for bad actors to commit fraud with lack of consistent industry standards adoption, emerging technology solutions and high CPM rates. TripleLift needed a solution to safeguard its business from programmatic ad fraud, CTV fraud, and device/app/SSAI spoofing.

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To ensure TripleLift’s expansion in CTV is free from fraud, they turned to HUMAN's Ad Fraud Defense.

To ensure TripleLift’s expansion in CTV is free from fraud, they sought out an experienced partner with the expertise and scale to keep up with emerging threats. HUMAN’s Ad Fraud Defense was a natural choice given its ability to analyze and HUMAN’s unmatched scale and experience. Ad Fraud Defense leverages HUMAN’s scale of more than 20 trillion interactions per week and over 12 years experience to provide the most accurate protection from sophisticated bots.

With Ad Fraud Defense, TripleLift detects and mitigates sophisticated bot activity to prevent bad actors from affecting inventory quality, harming the reputation of publishers and stealing from advertisers. Ad Fraud Defense analyzes each ad request before a bid is ever sent to a DSP for it and initiates mitigation procedures when a bot is identified.


TripleLift’s expansion of its platform into additional channels and partnerships has been central to its growth trajectory. Ad Fraud Defense protection allowed TripleLift to expand its direct partnerships with publishers, adding over 30 new inventory partners, while still making advertisers feel safe utilizing the inventory.

HUMAN helped safeguard TripleLift’s more than 90 billion CTV bid requests last year, helping keep valid in-app inventory average to remain at 99.6. This is particularly important as advertisers explore TripleLift’s first-to-market creative solutions. By building on capabilities for standard Spots and introducing unique CTV creative formats, such as innovative, post-production In-Show placements, TripleLift and HUMAN have successfully delivered for advertisers and publishers.

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