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Rise Fights Fraud while Growing Revenue Potential with Superior Precision and Accuracy



Rise is known for its holistic programmatic offering for publishers, including its proprietary video player and ad-server, and powerful marketplace.

- Tal Shaked

Chief Business Officer at Rise

“With HUMAN’s leading MediaGuard solution, we feel confident that our partners are fully protected and secured as they grow their audience base.”

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To perform fair, transparent, and advertiser-agnostic auctions, acting as an unbiased partner, Rise relies heavily on data and artificial intelligence tools to continuously improve its data-models. Fraud entering those data pools can greatly affect the results while high levels of invalid traffic (IVT) can keep potential clients away from the platform. While providing a basic level of protection, Rise did not believe that their existing fraud protection provider was delivering a strong enough solution. Clients expect full protection against sophisticated bots.

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To attract more clients and protect its precious data, Rise wanted a partner that could provide a more sophisticated and accurate approach to fraud protection. With a unique multilayered detection methodology and industry leading scale, HUMAN’s MediaGuard is the solution to which Rise turned to expand and increase their protection against fraud. MediaGuard provided a more precise solution to identify IVT with greater accuracy resulting in less fraud on the Rise platform and more good traffic being monetized. The easy onboarding and integration process enabled Rise to access the protection and see results quickly.

Rise chose HUMAN because:

  • MediaGuard scanned 100% of Rise pre- and post-bid traffic, totalling more than 50 billion requests each month.
  • More than 2000 sites scanned across all verticals including gaming, news, health and more over the year-long partnership.
  • HUMAN delivered Rise an average IVT rate of less than 0.8% detected across 50 billion requests per month scanned.
  • Easy integration and onboarding process enabled Rise to quickly move off existing solution and access MediaGuard’s greater accuracy and precision right away.


MediaGuard is Rise’s insurance policy, there when needed and standing guard when not. With more than 50 billion monthly requests being scanned by MediaGuard, Rise enjoys the confidence of having less than 0.8% fraud on their platform. This increased precision and accuracy enables Rise to monetize more inventory with confidence to grow its business. HUMAN provides Rise with the seal of approval and premium protection from fraud that is important to their clients.

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