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Factinate Protects Audience Experience Without Sacrificing Revenue



Factinate is a general knowledge website dedicated to writing and publishing articles about relevant and interesting facts about science, history, animals, films, people, and much more

- Joshua Mendelssohn

Co-founder at Factinate
“You should try running the Malvertising Defense script. It's just a simple line of code. Just plug and play and see if this problem continues to happen once it’s been installed. It typically doesn't.”
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Factinate noticed its bounce rates inexplicably rise, particularly on long-form blogs. Soon after, they saw alarming visitor comments on social media mentioning pop-ups and gift card redirects. It was at that point they knew their ad units were being hijacked.

Malvertising attacks occurred three days in one week, costing Factinate more than a hundred thousand dollars a year. The company's two-man Ad Ops team was losing valuable hours manually tracking down threats article by article, page by page, only to have threats resurface after being caught and blocked.

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Factinate needed a solution that would not only stop their current malvertising woes, but also protect their revenue and future-proof their site from new attacks.

HUMAN Malvertising Defense was the complete solution to Factinate's malvertising pains.

  • Protection against known and novel malvertising attacks: Behavior-based algorithms continuously learn and grow stronger in real time, providing automatic protection against even the most novel threats.
  • Maintain revenue and reputation: Malvertising Defense is the only solution that prevents bad ad behavior while allowing ad impressions to fire, forcing malvertisers to pay without their reward. This keeps visitors on webpages and protects them from harmful malvertisements.
  • Easy implementation and maintenance: A single line of code is all that’s required to implement Malvertising Defense. The solution runs seamlessly in the background, continuously updating without relying on traditional sandboxing and blocklist techniques.
  • White glove customer service: HUMAN’s hands-on and eager customer service team goes above and beyond, from implementation to swiftly responding to customer inquiries.


 After adding the single line of code to their webpage, Factinate’s malvertising problem disappeared almost instantly. Malvertising Defense permanently removed the need to track down and manually block malvertisers.

These key results allowed Factinate to stop hemorrhaging ad revenue while also clearing up valuable work hours to focus on new revenue-growing opportunities:

  • Restored session lengths: After a year of massive drops in customer session lengths, Factinate quickly saw their numbers restored after implementing Malvertising Defense.
  • 50+ million page views protected each month: Unparalleled, on-page protection means every threat for every site viewer is prevented, while also continuously updating our threat library as attacks happen.
  • Complete malvertising solution: Malvertising Defense’s behavioral analysis meant the end of their malvertising attacks, protecting them from new threats as they enter the ecosystem while driving old attackers away by charging ad impressions on their blocked ads.

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