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M3 Blocks Bots and Optimizes Customer Experience

HUMAN-Case Study-M3 Blocks Bots and Optimizes Customer Experience


M3 USA, part of the M3 Group, provides physicians and other healthcare professionals with clinical education, as well as the opportunity to participate in market research projects and career growth initiatives. The company offers highly targeted interactive marketing, education, content and research solutions to the life science industry. M3 USA’s service for physicians and other healthcare professionals, MDLinx, provides physicians with up-to-date and relevant clinical information and education.

- Brian Hooper

CTO at M3

“We didn’t realize how much performance we gave up by having our servers behind the reverse-proxy. After deploying HUMAN Bot Defender we saw our average response time improve by 400ms, a reduction of over 30%. In addition, HUMAN accelerated the execution of our vision of modern microservices-based web architecture."

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MDLinx was built using a monolithic system. Their bot mitigation solution leveraged a reverse-proxy-based architecture, meaning all traffic passed through a third-party platform. As the business evolved, M3’s engineering team began migrating MDLinx from the existing monolithic system to a new, redesigned system with a microservices architecture. The reverse-proxy-based bot mitigation tool increased latency without providing granular access to log data or control over the proxy behavior. M3 needed a modern bot management solution that could scale with their business.

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M3 turned to HUMAN Bot Defender cloud-based and infrastructure-agnostic solution for detecting and mitigating bad bots. 

Bot Defender employs behavior-based analytics to detect anomalies and prevent even the most sophisticated bot attacks. It offered a range of features that aligned with the team’s requirements:

  • Flexible architecture: The cloud-based solution was a perfect fit for microservices because it easily integrated with any existing infrastructure, without adding appliances or latency.
  • Fast deployment and visibility: Bot Defender was deployed quickly and easily with the close support of an experienced onboarding team. 
  • Complete visibility: The solution provided the M3 team much higher visibility with free access to traffic logs.
  • Always available security experts support: HUMAN offers 24/7/365 support to investigate security incidents, provide actionable insights and function as an extension of the IR and security teams.


By implementing HUMAN Bot Defender, M3 realized compelling benefits:

  • Improved performance: Replacing the previous solution with Bot Defender immediately improved the user experience by reducing the response time by 400ms — a reduction of over 30%.
  • Better access to data: The M3 team enjoyed the enhanced reporting capabilities of the HUMAN portal and dashboards. free access to logs to enable a higher level of independence and control.
  • Improved technical support: The level of knowledge and availability of the HUMAN support team, especially via Slack, was a game-changer for the M3 team. This cut the time they spent on technical issues.

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