Strengthening Trust in Premium Video

Recent research from the White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research Team detailed just how much more CTV traffic is being protected by White Ops in light of social distancing. And the Satori team also recently published a report on the ICEBUCKET operation, a fraud scheme that—at its peak—accounted for 28% of all CTV traffic.

What those two pieces of research tell us is that it takes strong and committed partnerships to beat back fraud and protect the CTV ecosystem. Our partnership with FreeWheel, which dates back a few years, has been a key part of that collective protection. We’ve worked together to safeguard the premium inventory that FreeWheel offers, and today we announced the expansion of that partnership to include pre-bid protection.

This expansion will solidify FreeWheel’s position as a leading provider of premium advertising management—FreeWheel is now in a place to verify the humanity of every transaction before it completes, enhancing the value of their offerings. We’re looking forward to where this partnership will grow in the coming years. Together, we can keep the internet human.