Put on Your Bot Colored Glasses: Now You Can See and De-target Fake Traffic in Google Marketing Platform with White Ops

Google technologies are essentially ubiquitous in the digital marketing tech stack, with 87% of the top 100,000 sites using Google Analytics, and over 50% of digital performance advertising spend focused on Google Search and Display.

And there’s something else that’s ubiquitous in paid traffic but, until now, has been invisible to marketers viewing campaign traffic and engagement metrics in their analytics dashboards — sophisticated bots, an increasingly popular automation tool for cybercriminals and bad actors to generate and monetize fake or fraudulent engagement in paid campaigns.

Today I’m excited to announce the release of White Ops Marketing Integrity’s support for Google Analytics integration, an evolution that further empowers marketers to make and automate data-driven decisions that protect their digital marketing efforts, and investments, from bot-based fraud. For the first time, marketers can visualize the presence and impact of sophisticated bot traffic on their Google Ads campaigns and site traffic natively within their Google Analytics dashboard. They can create bot audiences in Google Analytics and then negatively target those segments on Google Ads and Google Analytics Display & Video 360, removing spend on fake or fraudulent audiences so it can be put towards engagement with authentic human audiences.

Marketing Integrity’s support for Google Analytics integration brings the power of White Ops’ industry-leading multi-layered detection methodology into the hands of marketers working within their everyday tools. Get in touch today to request a demo.

How it Works

Marketing Integrity integrates with Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. Customers input their Google Analytics Tracking ID through the Marketing Integrity Dashboard, enabling transmission of detection data to their Google Analytics account. Customers then configure and upload a Google Tag Manager template per White Ops’ integration instructions.

When users are identified by White Ops Marketing Integrity as bots or fraudulent actors, detection decisions are transmitted to the customer’s Google Analytics account as user level attributes. Customers can then visualize the impact of fake or fraudulent traffic on their campaigns and sites, further exploring data in Google Analytics. They can create bot audiences and de-target them in their Google Search and Display campaigns.

Contact White Ops today to request a demo, or explore Resources to learn more about marketing fraud and White Ops Marketing Integrity.