Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.

HUMAN a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Bot Management Software, Q3 2024

Today, we are excited to announce that HUMAN has been recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave: Bot Management Software, Q3, 2024, with the top score in the strategy category as well as the highest scores possible across nine evaluation criteria, including Detection Models, Supporting Services and Offerings, Adoption, Mobile App and API Protection, Out-of-the-Box Reports and Dashboards, Customizable Reports and Dashboards, Threat Research Team, and Vision.

The Human Defense Platform leverages the world's largest digital attack sensor network, verifying over 20 trillion weekly interactions across 3 billion unique devices monthly. It helps organizations address a broad range of use cases including IVT, Ad Fraud, Malvertising, Click Fraud, Data Contamination, Scraping, Transaction Abuse, Account Takeover (ATO), Fake Account Creation, Compromised Accounts, and Client-Side threats.

This makes HUMAN uniquely placed to prevent, detect, and respond to the most sophisticated cyber threats with unparalleled speed, scale, and decision precision across advertising, applications, and account surfaces.

Addressing A Shifting Threat Landscape

Bad actors have well-orchestrated attack patterns that target multiple touch points along user journeys. Many organizations struggle to address these threats as they operate in silos with fragmented cybersecurity and anti-fraud toolsets. End-to-end visibility into every touchpoint along acustomer’s journey is pivotal in providing the telemetry data for fast and effective decisioning. HUMAN  enables organizations to combat sophisticated bot attacks across multiple use cases and overcome disparate solutions with one unified platform to prevent fraud and abuse.

The Forrester report states that HUMAN "has a strong vision for the market that addresses the shifting threat landscape, acknowledges privacy's impact on bot detection, and emphasizes a focus on expanding customer use cases" and notes "HUMAN is a good choice for customers looking for a combination of threat research, support, and product usability across security, e-commerce, and advertising use cases."


We believe Forrester's recognition showcases that The Human Defense Platform provides organizations with the broadest set of tools and capabilities to protect customers at every step of their users' journey, from seeing an advertisement to using an application to transacting within an account. "Being named a Leader in Bot Management Software by Forrester is a testament for us to the fact that we are executing against our mission and continue to safeguard customers against a shifting threat landscape,” said Stu Solomon, CEO of HUMAN. Think of every digital interaction you have on a daily basis. We see so much of the global internet traffic that we have the unique ability to acquire, interrogate and decision on a differentiated and diverse set of data that spans ad tech and enterprise use cases, allowing us to analyze the validity of every interaction and transaction at scale, and with speed, to provide the confidence that customers deserve.”

End-to-End Protection with the Human Defense Platform

Today’s many digital touchpoints have expanded the opportunity to connect with customers and now, with the advent of spatial computing with devices such as Apple’s Vision Pro, organizations now more than ever need a singular platform. Numerous points of interaction lead to numerous points of vulnerability, requiring protection from IVT, Ad Fraud, Malvertising, Click Fraud, Data Contamination, Scraping, Transaction Abuse, Account Takeover, Fake Account Creation, Compromised Accounts, and Client-Side threats that now also necessitate PCI DSS 4.1 compliance to protect payment pages. 

Over the last calendar year, the Human Defense Platform blocked more than 26 billion ATO attempts and more than one billion scraping attempts per customer. As adversaries get more sophisticated and start using AI for LLM scraping, account takeover, and fake account creation, it becomes even more critical for organizations to supplement simplistic bolt-on bot management solutions with a specialist for greater coverage and defense in depth.

“This is why we built and continue to innovate the Human Defense Platform, to bring together and combine signals from different threat vectors, decision bot or not, right and real human, block, and query policy violations to solve for a variety of use cases, and provide our customers with innovative capabilities and features to interrupt adversaries,” said Apurva Joshi, Chief Product Officer at HUMAN. “Combined with the strength of our technology ecosystem and partnerships such as Microsoft Co-Pilot for Security, AWS, and Google Cloud, amongst others, our customers can deploy and integrate the HUMAN Defense Platform into their unique environments easily and are thrilled to continue to be recognized by Forrester as a leader in this evaluation.”

Threat Intelligence and Detection That Remains Ahead of the Curve

“HUMAN combines leading threat research with strong reporting and feedback loops,” according to the Forrester report.

With our unparalleled visibility and enhanced integrations with our client’s applications, we bridge existing data silos between advertising, enterprise security and fraud to provide unified detection.  On an ongoing basis, we collect critical interactions from our customers to strengthen our signal, decisioning, and reinforced learning, allowing smarter decisioning throughout the entire user’s journey.

Fueled by original threat intelligence and research, constant iteration of adaptive ML models augmented by AI, and a robust feedback loop with reinforced learning, we provide a continuous, simplified end-to-end product experience with a high degree of efficacy,” said Ido Safruti, Chief Technology Officer at HUMAN. “No other player has the footprint and visibility to detect and deliver on the ability to connect data points from our unique data set gathered across ad view, consumption, onsite, pre-, at, and post-login. We also take this further with our law enforcement partnerships in the Satori disruptions and takedowns of Methbot, BADBOX, and VASTFLUX.”

Closing thoughts

According to the Forrester report, “Bots may be central to a malicious application attack or attempted fraud, such as a credential-stuffing attack, or they may play a supporting role in a larger application attack, performing scraping or web recon to help target follow-on activities…Bot management vendors and their customers must keep their guard up and watch out for new attack techniques, new detection evasions, and new bot targets while also managing the load from any good bots.”

The Human Defense Platform offers a comprehensive suite that includes fraud protection and advanced bot management, customizable to secure the customer journey where it's needed most. Leveraging adaptive machine learning and a global threat intelligence network, our platform provides proactive detection and disruption of sophisticated threats. Known for its modularity, scalability, and effectiveness, the Human Defense Platform addresses security gaps targeted by fraudsters. It improves user experiences, making it the preferred solution for protecting industry-leading internet platforms and enterprises.

Download the full Forrester Wave™: Bot Management Software, Q3 2024 report here, and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you incorporate our bot management software into your security strategy.