Extending Your Account Visibility Post-Login

It’s not new information: securing your login page is important for preventing account takeovers (ATOs). But nowadays, fraudsters have developed ways to bypass login defenses — including purchasing stolen credentials, brute forcing, phishing, malware, and session hijacking — to gain unauthorized access to your users’ accounts. And once bad actors successfully log into an account, they are often free to navigate throughout it, engage with content, and take any action available to them. 

This leaves a gap where bad actors can commit numerous types of account fraud post-login. In addition, fraudsters can also create fake accounts that are intended to abuse and steal value from websites and applications. As these accounts are created by the fraudsters themselves, login checks and password resets aren’t effective at stopping them.

This is why post-login visibility of accounts is a critical component of a strong security posture.

Look beyond bots

In a previous blog, we covered how HUMAN Bot Defender analyzes the 20 trillion online interactions we see each week to provide superior bot detection. This visibility advantage helps secure your app and website account logins from unwanted bots.

But what about when bots aren’t involved in an account compromise? And what happens after fake accounts have been created in order to exploit your app?

Just because a user is human doesn’t mean they’re the human they say they are. Only by establishing user legitimacy can businesses stop account fraud — and simply asking for credentials and serving traditional CAPTCHA challenges is no longer enough.

That’s where sophisticated post-login detection is required, and that’s where HUMAN Account Defender excels. 

What’s different about Account Defender?

Account Defender’s advantage is in its continuous evaluation of users’ post-login activity. The solution doesn’t just provide a single point in time check. Each action taken in an account is assessed and accounted for in the users’ evolving risk score (e.g. Is this a new device login? Is it a new geographical location?).

When a risk threshold is passed, Account Defender automatically takes actions to protect the account and user, without the need for manual intervention. These actions are fully customizable and integrated with your organization’s workflow. Examples include forcing a password reset, triggering multi-factor authentication (MFA), or flagging the account for review.

Built on a modern defense strategy, Account Defender gives organizations in-depth visibility into their account security. And it’s this in-depth visibility that enables the solution to detect account compromise, regardless of whether it is committed by a real person or an automated fraud process. When it comes to account security, visibility is king and HUMAN’s visibility advantage is second to none.