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HUMAN acquires to win against malvertising with the most comprehensive end-to-end anti-fraud protection

Customer Perspective

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“HUMAN and have long been strategic partners to help combat two of the most important problems we face in programmatic advertising: malvertising and fraud. This type of consolidation in the ecosystem is welcome news and brings with it a true and holistic, 360 degree approach to fighting cybercrime.”

—Ron Lissack Xandr SVP, Chief Architect of Tech Leadership
“The combined threat lens and mitigation that both HUMAN and provide, alongside our proprietary tools and processes, only further solidifies where the industry needs to be advancing towards.”

—Sanmati Ananthamurthy, Xandr Sr. Director of Product Management

HUMAN + Leadership

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“By teaming up with, HUMAN is gaining significant talent with deep domain expertise along with increased signal across the internet, enhancing our collective protection capabilities for our customers across the entire digital ecosystem.”

—Tamer Hassan, CEO &
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“We are thrilled to be joining forces with HUMAN. Our combined lens, telemetry and mitigation across the ecosystem will deliver the most effective and comprehensive protection for our combined customers.”

—Geoff Stupay, Co-Founder & CEO

What this Acquisition Means for Customers

By acquiring the leader in anti-malvertising, HUMAN is in a unique position to disrupt fraud at the start of the attack cycle. 

Our Unmatched Advantage

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Modern Defense

  • More visibility than ever: HUMAN’s 20 trillion interactions a week and's 125 billion monthly impressions across millions of websites and mobile applications globally creates an unstoppable end-to-end defensive machine
  • Collective protection at work: Our sensor network just got a whole lot bigger
  • Disruptions: With this increased insight, we’re able to take down even more fraud operations like Scylla and PARETO
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Human-Comet-Human Defense Platform
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Human Defense Platform

  • Increased signal means better protection for all our customers
  • Adding anti-malvertising to our platform enhances protections across all media and enterprise customers
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Threat Intelligence

  • With we’re adding even more Humans to our Satori Threat Intelligence & Research team to uncover threats 
  • Our investigative prowess has expanded and strengthened our takedown mechanisms
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