Defeat Fraud and Grow CTV Investments

Understand CTV ad buyers' top fraud concerns, and learn how HUMAN can help protect this valuable inventory.

Capitalize on the Benefits of CTV

Don’t leave your CTV investments vulnerable.

With rapid growth, rising CPMs, and limited inventory, CTV is a prime target for fraud. Protecting this inventory is critical for ensuring trust and confidence in CTV investments.

$33 billion

Expected US CTV Ad Spend
by 2025


Higher IVT rates on CTV devices compared to display and mobile


Increase in US CTV Ad Spend since 2020

Protect CTV Investments

Combat CTV Fraud with Modern Defense

HUMAN does not simply measure the problem of fraud in CTV, we seek to solve it by applying modern defense. With the reliance on server to server communication and the inability to run dynamic code, CTV is an inherently low signal environment and attractive to bad actors. HUMAN has the expertise, global visibility, and relationships to successfully stop fraud operations. 

Prevent Fraud to Power CTV Investments

Clients turn to HUMAN to protect and grow investments in CTV. TripleLift buyers needed assurance that marketplace transactions would maintain the quality levels as TripleLift expanded into CTV while Aniview used HUMAN to thwart the threat posed from the PARETO botnet. The Human Defense Platform helped them play to win against sophisticated fraud.

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Find out how buyers view the current state of fraud, their trusted formats, and where their greatest fears of potential fraud lie.

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