As of: May 1, 2021

HUMAN conducts business partner qualification procedures on potential and existing customers to determine if a business relationship should be initiated or continued with the organization. The Business Partner Qualification process includes assessing the legitimacy of organizations and assessing available information around the organization’s intended use of fraudulent activity identified through HUMAN products.

The Business Partner Qualification process is performed for all clients during the initial review (or periodically throughout the deployment term), which is performed based on prior exposure to the potential client (e.g., unknown entities vs. entities with prior relationships with HUMAN) or anything uncovered during the deployment term (e.g., illegitimate business practices, or is complicit in fraudulent ad measurement).

As part of the downstream qualification process, all clients sign a detailed services agreement and are provided with the HUMAN Privacy Policy. Specific terms are outlined in these documents regarding the acceptable use of HUMAN data.

HUMAN’S Business Partner Qualification procedures consist primarily of, but is not limited to:

  • Initial qualification
  • Client acceptance and contracting
  • Ongoing monitoring

A company may be unqualified during any stage of the process (including implementation and/or deployment stages) if it is believed the business (including known affiliates, subsidiaries, or other partners) does not have legitimate business practices or is complicit in fraudulent ad measurement activities, or for any reason deemed inadequate by HUMAN. HUMAN may take measures such as suspension or termination due to BPQ failures during the deployment term.