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HUMAN helps marketing teams keep CRM data clean

Safeguard your lead generation efforts from cybercriminals

HUMAN prevents automated lead efforts stealing from your digital customer lead activities
Human-Solutions-Lead Generation Fraud

Faked leads

Fake leads don’t buy anything
Automated lead submissions inject invalid bot data into your CRM lowering your ability to deliver optimal conversion performance.
Human-Solutions-Fraudulent Social Clicks@2x

Fraudulent Social Clicks

Not all connections are as they seem

Social is an important source for performance marketing, but automated bots are connections that will only drain revenue not improve it.

Human-Ad Tech-Reduce Upstream Costs@2x

Wasted Affiliate Costs

Bots steal spend from real humans

Time, money and opportunity costs are driven up when affiliates are rewarded for delivering automated bots not humans while fraudsters pocket the paychecks.

How lead generation fraud works

Fraudsters drive bot traffic to landing pages, emulate behaviors to avert detection and steal your marketing dollars

Are your leads real?

Marketers require a steady flow of leads into their pipelines to meet key growth metrics, and it takes a number of strategies to achieve this. Unfortunately, these lead generation initiatives have considerable potential to attract fraud. Fraudsters can, without much difficulty, introduce themselves into performance channels on conversion pages, siphoning budgets and contaminating the very insights needed to make informed choices.

To protect against lead generation fraud, HUMAN allows digital marketers to reduce the input of fake or stolen information into customer data management systems. The result is accurate audience insights on targeting and converting real human prospects, rather than wasting money on fraudsters who line their own pockets at the expense of your budget.

BotGuard for Growth Marketing prevents Lead Generation Fraud

BotGuard for Growth Marketing uses HUMAN’s modern defense strategy to keep cybercriminals out of your lead generation initiatives and marketing data

Sophisticated bots behave like real users and are much better at evading detection. As a result, businesses find it increasingly challenging to defend applications from automated attacks. A sophisticated bot can imitate human behavior using mouse movements, keystrokes, and fake browser behavior even when applications work as intended. As a result, traditional application security solutions that rely on behavioral monitoring or static lists to detect bots are increasingly vulnerable to abuse. Unlike simple solutions, BotGuard for Growth Marketing uses a multilayered detection methodology that establishes hard technical evidence to prove fraud; This enables BotGuard for Growth Marketing to detect and mitigate today’s sophisticated bots with unmatched scale, speed, and precision to ensure that only real humans are interacting with your marketing efforts."
Human-Lead Generation Fraud-Solution Brief
HUMAN Auto Case Study Thumbnail

Global Auto Company stops bots to boost conversions rates 6x

Paid media was used to drive dealer leads and retargeting audiences and HUMAN was able to help the brand eliminate bots lowering acquisition costs and boosting conversions.

Technology Highlights

Human-Solutions-Detection at scale@2x
Detection at scale
With global observability, the Human Verification Engine verifies the humanity of more than two trillion interactions per day to identify internet traffic patterns and anomalies.
Human-Solutions-Satori Threat Itelligence Team@2x
Satori Threat Intelligence Team
Stay ahead of bad actors with hacker intelligence provided by our research team
Human-Solutions-Multi source protection@2x
Multi-source collective protection
We detect automated bots by analyzing over 2,500 signals collected from a wide range of applications, advertising and marketing platforms, and IoT devices at an internet-wide scale.
Human-Solutions-Friction free@2x
Friction-free without CAPTCHA
Our superior signal collection allows us to obtain ground truth, without relying on CAPTCHAs, giving greater accuracy without introducing user friction.
Human-Solutions-Actionable Insights@2x
Actionable insights
HUMAN’s comprehensive dashboard gives you oversight, control, and tracking metrics for all stakeholders. 
Yes, it's true - there is...


For each of the 15 trillion-plus interactions verified by HUMAN each week, up to 2,500 signals are parsed through over 350 algorithms to reach a single critical decision - bot or not.

The largest enterprises and internet platforms trust HUMAN to collectively protect themselves and the internet from the most human-like automated bots. Join them.

HUMAN is trusted by the largest enterprises and internet platforms to protect them from the most human-like bots.

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