Ad Fraud Sensor


Ensure your ads reach real humans and increase your inventory’s value by accurately identifying and eliminating fraud in post-bid environments.
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How does HUMAN accurately identify ad fraud?

HUMAN protects digital advertising with unmatched scale, speed, and precision through superior detection techniques, hacker intelligence, and unparalleled visibility across the digital ecosystem.
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Superior Detection of Ad Fraud
Leverage advanced, adaptive detection that relies on 2,500+ signals to detect fraud in real-time for each impression—with more precision than static blocklists or measurement offerings.
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Multi-Channel Inventory Protection

Explore actionable insights that do more than just measure fraud. Verify your entire critical inventory across mobile, desktop, CTV, and audio environments. 

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Inventory Revenue Maximization
Protect your reputation and trust within the ecosystem with greater quality inventory. Improve your inventory’s value with enhanced inventory performance.

Platforms: Enhance Programmatic Inventory Transparency

Access real-time, technical analysis of each impression to help your platform eliminate sources of fraud. With HUMAN’s Ad Fraud Sensor, fraudsters’ attempts to use sophisticated bots to interject themselves into the programmatic ecosystem are prevented—protecting inventory quality, platform reputation, and your revenue.


Publishers: Protect and Improve Revenue from Demand Sources

Gain actionable insights from real-time, technical analysis of each impression to eliminate sources of fraud within your inventory. With HUMAN’s Ad Fraud Sensor, fraudsters’ attempts to damage ad inventory quality and publisher reputation are prevented—protecting your revenue and the trust you’ve built with platform partners.

$735B expected worldwide spend on digital ads through 2025 (eMarketer)

HUMAN’s Ad Fraud Sensor protects your inventory with unparalleled visibility and actionable insights.

HUMAN Ad Fraud Sensor in Action

Rise Leverages Superior Precision and Accuracy to Fight Fraud while Growing Revenue Potential

To attract more clients and protect its precious data, Rise wanted a partner that could provide a more sophisticated and accurate approach to fraud protection. HUMAN provided an easy-to-integrate solution that delivered that accuracy.

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50 Billion

monthly requests scanned
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or less of fraud on platform after HUMAN integration
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“With HUMAN’s leading solution, we feel confident that our partners are fully protected and secured as they grow their audience base.” 

Chief Business Officer, Rise


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“The unearthing of PARETO was a great indicator of the work we’ve achieved together with HUMAN in mitigating such attacks, and our partnership will no doubt mature even further in the coming years.”

Global Ad Tech & Media Company

Video Platform Safeguards Its Marketplace from Fraud

A leading provider of video ad-serving needed a partner and set of best practice operations to protect its platform from the fraud schemes plaguing its inventory. With HUMAN, the platform successfully identified and eliminated the PARETO botnet from its platform.

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5 Trillion

data points handled by the platform each month
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8 billion

requests scanned each month for the platform

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