Keeping Bots Out of the 3rd Dimension: HUMAN Launches Support for Apple’s visionOS

HUMAN is excited to announce that our software development kit (SDK) now includes support for visionOS, the operating system of Apple’s mixed reality Vision Pro headsets. HUMAN is now the first and only bot management solution that protects applications on visionOS.

visionOS is the future of digital engagement

Apple’s mixed reality headsets allow consumers to engage with the brands they love in a new and exciting way. Several HUMAN customers in the e-commerce, real estate, and gaming industries specifically are increasingly incorporating virtual and mixed reality into their user experiences. 

With visionOS apps, companies can engage consumers with 3D experiences that users navigate using their eyes, hands, and voice. Vision Pro headsets enable users to transform any room into a personal environment to shop, play games, and explore new places. 

It’s exciting. Innovative. Future-forward. But left unprotected, it’s a vehicle for threat actors using bots to hide their malicious activity.

HUMAN protects visionOS

It’s necessary to protect every environment a customer might use to engage with a brand. The Human Defense Platform protects the entire user journey — at every stage and wherever they engage. visionOS is no exception. 

Anticipating and responding to the needs of our customers is at the core of HUMAN’s mission. As more of our customers began to develop apps for Vision Pro, we knew we had to meet them there.

We worked with our customers to develop support for Vision Pro, blocking visionOS-borne threats without impacting user experience. visionOS support is included in our SDK, and our team supports individual customer needs for unique Vision Pro experiences.

Why an SDK is needed to mitigate bot traffic

Threat actors—and the sophisticated bots they use—often present themselves as using apps on mobile or other non-desktop devices to disguise malicious requests. Without an SDK, organizations are put in a tough spot: they can either allow all traffic tagged as mobile (potentially allowing fraudulent traffic through) or risk blocking some real users (a terrible user experience that can sour customers on a brand permanently). Neither is an ideal scenario.

So what’s the solution? A mobile SDK. Our SDK captures native signals that allow us to mitigate bot traffic on mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and visionOS. It also enables us to enforce additional detections to risky profiles.

Once the SDK is deployed, HUMAN’s proprietary verification challenge—Human Challenge—is automatically enabled. The challenge is served to 0.01% of risky profiles, allowing human users to demonstrate their humanity by pressing a button.


HUMAN’s SDK: A step above the rest

HUMAN’s SDK ensures an optimal experience for real humans on visionOS, while mitigating practical bot threats. Our SDK Doctor App makes installation easy with step-by-step instructions to deploy and verify the SDK integration. When the Doctor App is enabled, it simulates a typical user flow in the application and guides the developer to gather the information necessary to test the integration.

“HUMAN is honored to be the first bot mitigation vendor supporting Apple’s visionOS,” said Apurva Joshi, Chief Product Officer, HUMAN Security. “We’re delighted to partner with our long-standing customers on this exciting new capability.”

The Human Defense Platform protects against automated threats at every stage of the customer journey, whether on websites, mobile apps, Vision Pro headsets, or other devices. In addition to our sophisticated technology, HUMAN’s best-in-class Satori Threat Intelligence team also actively monitors for emerging visionOS-borne threats. This enables HUMAN customers to offer mixed reality experiences with confidence.