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Web Security

Bots pose a variety of challenges for fraud and security teams. Today’s bots look more like humans than ever, making it hard to distinguish real customers from fraudsters. HUMAN helps Fraud & Security Teams detect and prevent even the most sophisticated bots and botnets, so they can reduce cyber risk and minimize fraud.


We Protect the Integrity of Your Applications

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Account Takeover

Due to rampant password reuse and low adoption of multifactor authentication, Account Takeover Attacks are one of today's largest security challenges. HUMAN mitigates the risk of account takeover attacks including credential stuffing and credential cracking. Fraud and Security teams can easily integrate BotGuard for Applications into their existing web infrastructure to prevent account takeover attacks and safeguard customer accounts.

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Automated Account Creation

Automated account creation can lead to a variety of fraud and abuse, including fake engagement and influence, content, reviews, and abuse of discount programs. Fraud & Security teams can use HUMAN to prevent bot traffic on registration pages and forms to mitigate the risks of fake account creation.


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Sensitive Data Scraping

HUMAN makes it easy to detect and prevent automated scraping of high-value data including intellectual property and other paywall protected content. Fraud and Security teams can place HUMAN's tags to detect sensitive data scraping bots within minutes.