Powered by a modern defense strategy, HUMAN protects more than 85% of the total global programmatic impressions from sophisticated bots.

HUMAN's Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense allows you to:
  • Increase Trust: Serve Ads to Real Humans
  • Improve Quality: Strengthen Your Reputation
  • Optimize Return: Gain Control and Maximize ROAS
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HUMAN is trusted by the largest brands to safeguard them from bad bots.
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Modern Defense Strategy for Ad Fraud

A modern defense strategy consists of three pillars: visibility, network effect, and disruptions.
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The world's largest bot sensor network
HUMAN verifies more than 20 trillion digital interactions every week. This unmatched visibility into the internet allows us to identify fraud and quickly deploy protections faster than anyone else.
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Network Effect
Unmatched scale, speed, and precision

Most fraud schemes are interconnected. HUMAN protects many different industries and disciplines (e-commerce, brands, marketing, advertising), which allows us to safeguard our entire network from evolving threats. At HUMAN, a detection event for one is a protection event for all.

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Disrupt cybercriminals' ROI
By disrupting and taking down fraud operations, we effectively remove cybercriminals' revenue streams. This makes the attacks more costly, deterring bad actors from launching future attacks against your brand.

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