Mobile Ad Fraud

As advertisers continue to pour more and more money into mobile platforms, criminals have followed. With high CPMs and varied environments, mobile ad fraud has proved difficult to conquer for advertisers. HUMAN detects and prevents fraud in both mobile web and within mobile app environments in real-time.

Drastically Reduce IVT on Mobile Platforms

HUMAN is built to adapt and detect emerging threats on mobile platforms, so you can prevent and detect SIVT (sophisticated invalid traffic) within mobile. Flexibly deploy within any technology stack through JavaScript tag, SDK, or 1x1 pixel to protect against a host of mobile threats.


Most common mobile threat models:


  • App spoofing: applications that pretend to be a premium legitimate app in order to steal ad dollars

  • Hidden ads: apps that run even when the app/phone is not in use and load ads in the background.

  • Ad stacking: multiple ads that are layered on top of each other in a single ad placement.

MRC Accredited

HUMAN is accredited by the Media Ratings Council (MRC) for pre-bid prevention and post-bid detection of fraud across mobile web and applications.




“In today’s ad ecosystem even the largest brands and most premium publishers can fall victim to unscrupulous behaviors of cybercriminals. Our partnership with HUMAN reinforces our commitment to a fraud-free ecosystem, providing peace of mind to our advertisers and our publishers by stopping bot traffic before it reaches the market."


“Yieldmo’s mission is to transform the way brands advertise by leveraging attention analytics. That demands a clean environment that brands can trust. Partnering with HUMAN ensures Yieldmo’s Marketplace of premium publishers offers brands the cleanest ecosystem to attract and measure the attention of their customers.”


"By combining our own proprietary tools and processes with those of HUMAN, and focusing on measurably superior outcomes, we can identify and avoid fraud and other undesirable activity, allowing our customers to focus on bettering the overall programmatic journey for the end user."

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