Marketers are dedicating more resources than ever to drive potential customers to their websites. But how much of that traffic is not human? Sophisticated bots that look just like humans can skew website metrics, fill out contact forms, and lead to downstream losses in conversion rates and marketing spend.

HUMAN helps marketers easily understand what percentage of their marketing efforts are reaching real humans, so that there’s no wasted time or money engaging with bots.

Protect Your Marketing Spend from Sophisticated Bots

Some website solutions may detect basic bots, but they can’t detect the sophisticated bots that live on residential machines. HUMAN has a multilayered detection approach that catches even the most sophisticated bots and botnets. This allows you to get a true understanding of human engagement on your website, including within specific campaigns, tactics, sources, and landing pages of interest.

How HUMAN can help marketers:


Three questions you need to ask yourself to figure out if bots are a problem for you.


More than 40% of traffic to form-fill pages may be sophisticated bots.


WTF is Marketing Fraud, anyway?

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