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HUMAN helps platforms and media owners eliminate fraud within their CTV investments

Safeguard Valuable CTV Investments from Fraud

HUMAN prevents fraudsters from launching a barrage of bot attacks aiming to steal a piece of the growing CTV pie
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Compromised Inventory

Fraud diminishes quality

When CTV inventory is infiltrated by fraud, it lowers the overall quality of this valuable inventory and causes demand partners to pay less for it.

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Evolving Threats

Existing protections not up to snuff

The growth of CTV is being powered by quickly evolving technology, but this is also leaving it especially vulnerable to new threats.

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Diminished ROI

Fraud costs you money

CTV is particularly vulnerable to loss from fraud due to the high value of individual impressions and inconsistent industry standards adoption.

How CTV fraud attacks work

Scarce inventory, rapidly increasing spend, and limited industry standards make CTV a prime target for cybercriminals

Even the Most Secure CTV Platforms Are at Risk

Viewers are flocking to CTV due to the proliferation of streaming services and devices. As a result, technology providers and advertisers are vying for access to these growing audiences. However, as ad spend increases, so does the threat of bad actors trying to steal some of that spend for themselves.

The ecosystem lacks industry-wide standards because of these new technologies and emerging platforms. In addition, with limited inventory and rapidly increasing spending, the value of each impression increases. This combination makes the CTV ecosystem ripe for fraud. As a result, even the most secure platform is vulnerable to fraudsters using spoofing (such as SSAI spoofing) and other sophisticated tactics to siphon revenue from the ecosystem. 

HUMAN collaborates with the CTV industry to combat these threats to develop proactive fraud monitoring and real-time prevention solutions and standards.

MediaGuard prevents CTV Fraud

Leading CTV media owners and ad tech platforms turn to HUMAN to guard their valuable CTV investments.

Sophisticated bots behave like real users, making it easy for them to evade detection. As a result, advertisers and platforms find it increasingly challenging to keep their digital media free from fraud. A sophisticated bot can imitate human behavior using mouse movements, keystrokes, fake browser behavior and even imitate other devices. As a result, traditional ad fraud solutions that rely on behavioral monitoring or static lists to detect bots are increasingly vulnerable to abuse. MediaGuard uses a multilayered detection methodology that establishes hard technical evidence to prove fraud. This enables MediaGuard to detect and mitigate today’s sophisticated bots with unmatched scale, speed, and precision to ensure that only real humans are interacting with your media.
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Inside the Largest Connected TV Bot Attack

The growth of CTV is providing many opportunities for streaming services and advertisers, but also for fraudsters looking to take a piece of the riches.

Technology Highlights

Human-Solutions-Detection at scale@2x
Detection at scale
With global observability, the Human Verification Engine analyzes over 15 trillion interactions per week to identify internet traffic patterns and anomalies.
Human-Solutions-Satori Threat Itelligence Team@2x
Satori Threat Intelligence Team
Stay ahead of bad actors with hacker intelligence provided by our research team
Human-Solutions-Multi source protection@2x
Multi-source collective protection
We detect automated bots by analyzing over 2,500 signals collected from a wide range of applications, advertising and marketing platforms, and IoT devices at an internet-wide scale.
Human-Solutions-Friction free@2x

Our superior signal collection allows us to obtain ground truth, giving greater accuracy without introducing friction within the digital advertising ecosystem.

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Actionable insights

HUMAN’s comprehensive dashboard provides insight and control over your metrics for you and your team.

Yes, it's true - there is...


For each of the 15 trillion plus interactions verified by HUMAN each week, up to 2,500 signals are parsed through over 350 algorithms to reach a single critical decision - bot or not.

The largest enterprises and internet platforms trust HUMAN to collectively protect themselves and the internet from the most human-like automated bots. Join us.

HUMAN is trusted by the largest enterprises and internet platforms to protect them from the most human-like bots.

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