Application Security & Fraud Prevention


HUMAN helps security and fraud teams prevent user account theft and abuse

Stop web scraping and PII harvesting from your website and apps.

Thwart fraudsters from launching automated content scraping and data extraction attacks while minimizing friction for your users.
Human-Solutions-Content Scraping and PII Harvesting

Competitive Assaults

Rivals covet your customers
Unscrupulous profiteers use price scraping bots to undercut your prices, and content scraping bots are used to steal your content and your customers’ sensitive data.
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PII Harvesting

Data scraping damages trust
Successful attacks can result in stolen sensitive data, causing customers’ trust in your platform to erode, driving their business elsewhere, and costing you revenue.
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Increased Risk

Your success invites attacks
Scraped duplicated content hurts SEO rankings. Worse, the more successful your company grows, the more likely it is you will be attacked by a competitor.

How content scraping
and data harvesting attacks work

Keep fraudsters from automating web scraping and PII harvesting attacks on your websites and away from sensitive data and proprietary content.

Is your site crawling with bad bots and vulnerabilities?

Web scraping isn’t always bad, and good bots continually crawl websites to capture pricing data and product descriptions. Platforms like search engines and insurance comparison sites aggregate scraped data to make it easy for humans to find the information they’re looking for. However, malicious bots are also crawling your site and scraping your content with more sinister motives, using it to compete unfairly with your business or selling it on the dark web to criminals.

Fraudsters harvest PII by exploiting vulnerabilities in JavaScript or other code used to build websites and web applications. Software developers often use off-the-shelf code to add new capabilities and features to apps and websites. This approach can introduce unintended vulnerabilities that allow your adversaries to inject malicious code into your website, particularly where a vulnerability is well-known.

HUMAN Bot Defender helps prevent web scraping and PII harvesting

HUMAN’s modern defense strategy prevents fraudsters from automating scraping and harvesting attacks while allowing real users frictionless access.

Today’s sophisticated bots behave like real users and are designed to evade detection. As a result, businesses find it increasingly challenging to defend applications from automated attacks. Even when apps function as intended, they are vulnerable to fraudsters using bots that mimic human behavior using mouse movements, keystrokes, and fake browser behavior. These sophisticated bots can easily evade bot detection features in conventional application security solutions that rely on behavioral monitoring or static lists, leaving your apps vulnerable to abuse. Unlike traditional solutions, HUMAN Bot Defender combines superior detection techniques, internet-scale observability, and hacker intelligence to make bot or not decisions with no impact on page load times or friction on end-users. With this scale and speed, we can mitigate today and tomorrow’s sophisticated bots.

Human-Prevent Content Scraping-Applications helps prevent web scraping
HUMAN Higher Ed Case Study Thumbnail
Case Study

Security Team, Ping and HUMAN Collaborate to Protect Single-Sign-On at a Leading University

Learn how a leading US university security team mitigated the risk of a costly or brand damaging PII breach with a tightly-integrated identity and bot management solution.

Technology Highlights

Human-Solutions-Detection at scale@2x
Detection at scale
With global observability, the Human Verification Engine verifies the humanity of more than two trillion interactions per day to identify internet traffic patterns and anomalies.
Human-Solutions-Satori Threat Itelligence Team@2x
Satori Threat Intelligence Team
Stay ahead of bad actors with hacker intelligence provided by our research team
Human-Solutions-Multi source protection@2x
Multi-source collective protection
We detect automated bots by analyzing over 2,500 signals collected from a wide range of applications, advertising and marketing platforms, and IoT devices at an internet-wide scale.
Human-Solutions-Friction free@2x
Friction-free without CAPTCHA
Our superior signal collection allows us to obtain ground truth, without relying on CAPTCHAs, giving greater accuracy without introducing user friction.
Human-Solutions-Actionable Insights@2x
Actionable insights
HUMAN’s comprehensive dashboard gives you oversight, control, and tracking metrics for all stakeholders. 
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For each of the 2 trillion-plus interactions verified by HUMAN each day, up to 2,500 signals are parsed through over 350 algorithms to reach a single critical decision - bot or not.

The largest enterprises and internet platforms trust HUMAN to collectively protect themselves and the internet from the most human-like automated bots. Join us.

HUMAN is trusted by the largest enterprises and internet platforms to protect them from the most human-like bots.

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