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Application Integrity

Application Integrity detects and mitigates sophisticated bot activities on sites and applications including account takeover, new account fraud, payment fraud and content and experience abuse to lower fraud loss and preserve customer trust and experience.

Protection from
Bot Attacks

Even when applications function as designed, they are vulnerable to fraudsters who have compromised human identities to manipulate them. While anomaly-based detection solutions can catch some of today’s basic bots, they often miss more sophisticated bots that have mirrored human activity.

Application Integrity distinguishes sophisticated bots from real human activity, even if they originate from the same device. This means you can ensure only real human users are using your applications as they were intended.

Application Integrity can operate in passive detection mode and in active mode to mitigate bot attacks in real-time. Our detection tags are deployed within minutes via JavaScript or Software Development Kits (SDKs) for mobile applications. Clients can bring their own signal to increase detection efficacy and detect instances of tag evasion.

The HUMAN Dashboard and API allow for analysis of aggregate trends, custom reporting, scheduled reporting, and visualizations to understand traffic trends over time. Customers can also stream near-real-time bot events to their preferred business intelligence or SIEM platform.

How Application Integrity Works

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Application Integrity can detect and mitigate several threat models:

white ops application integrity white ops application integrity

Account Takeover

Account Takeover attacks are one of today’s largest challenges for businesses. Credential stuffing (using stolen account credentials to break into web application accounts) and credential cracking (brute-forcing username/password combinations) pose a significant threat to today's enterprises.

white ops application integrity white ops application integrity

Automated Account Creation

Automated account creation is the abuse of an application’s account sign-up process. Bots often automate account creation to abuse incentive and discount programs, generate spam, spread malware, launder money, or manipulate platforms and erode user trust.


Automated account creation can lead to a wide array of fraud, including abuse of incentive and discount programs, fake content and spam, malware distribution, and money laundering,

white ops application integrity white ops application integrity

Sensitive Data Scraping

HUMAN makes it easy to detect and prevent automated scraping of high-value data including intellectual property and other paywall protected content. Fraud and Security teams can place HUMAN's detection tags to detect sensitive data scraping bots within minutes.

Full visibility into fraud

Application Integrity reporting gives you full visibility into bot and nonstandard events, including the specific threat category and factor observed. Analysts can also create custom reports and visualizations to gain a clear picture of how to reduce fraudulent activity. Reports can be saved, scheduled to run on a cadence, and easily exported to share with stakeholders.

The Application Integrity dashboard is easy to use regardless of background or role.

top level app integrity dashboard top level app integrity dashboard

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An overview of Application Integrity

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"HUMAN takes a unique approach to detecting sophisticated bots. Their success in reducing advertising and marketing fraud has positioned them to be super helpful to security teams at stopping application fraud and to best protect against sophisticated bot attacks."


"HUMAN protects against sophisticated bot attacks from across the domains of cyber security, online advertising and marketing, giving the company an incredibly broad view of the nefarious activities on the Internet. They take a vastly different and the best approach I’ve seen to stopping sophisticated bot attacks as they can see patterns in data at significant scale that others can’t."


"With a history of protecting organizations from bot-based fraud, HUMAN is uniquely positioned to expand its capabilities into the application security space."

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“HUMAN is the definitive leader in protecting enterprises from sophisticated bot attacks. No other company comes close to their scale, their detection and threat intelligence expertise and track record. HUMAN's leadership in the 3ve takedown, the largest and complex criminal botnet group to date, is a testament on how security teams would benefit from the collective protection they offer.”

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