Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.
Malvertising Defense


HUMAN Malvertising Defense protects publisher revenue from the threat of malicious ads.
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Malvertising Defense Tailored for You

For Platforms

For Publishers

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Control Your Inventory

HUMAN safeguards publishers and their audiences from malvertising attacks using technical and behavioral analysis.
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Detect Malvertising
Identify and prevent malicious behavior at the page-level with precision—across all creatives on-page.
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Granular Inventory Control

Eliminate malicious behaviors while allowing ads to render without risking visitors or revenue.

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Streamline Protection
Implement page-level code for automated threat protection to enhance performance without the overhead. 

Protect Your Revenue from the Threat of Malvertising

HUMAN Malvertising Defense detects and blocks malicious behavior from bad ads on-page while allowing the creative to render—protecting your revenue and reputation from damaging, fraud-filled experiences.

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Detect Bad Ads While Allowing Creative to Render

HUMAN Malvertising Defense blocks malicious behavior and allows creatives to render—without the use of bulky blocklists that add latency to your site. This protects your revenue and the user’s experience, all while reducing the maintenance overhead needed to keep blocklists updated.

Reduce the Burden of Malvertising Protection

HUMAN Malvertising Defense protects your revenue and site visitors with an easy-to-implement solution and automatic updates. By detecting and blocking malicious behavior, your inventory’s value improves, becomes more accurate, and internal team drain is eliminated.

Protect your inventory with a purpose-built package.

Malvertising Defense for Publishers is part of HUMAN’s Advertising Protection Package, a suite of solutions purpose-built to secure digital advertising.

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$1.7B was lost by Americans to malvertising-related investment scams

HUMAN’s Malvertising Defense for Publishers provides protection.

Malvertising Defense in Action

Curiosity Media Solved Troubling Mobile Redirect Issues

Curiosity Media was constantly fighting user complaints about poor experiences due to malicious redirects on SpanishDict.com. With HUMAN’s Malvertising Defense, the problem has completely stopped.
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80% increase

In per-user page views
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Only 2

customer complaints since launch
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“Preserving ad dollars and ad reporting was our number one priority. Malvertising Defense was able to prove that we would never have to sacrifice revenue when choosing to block malicious ads."
Product Manager, Curiosity Media


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"We don’t talk about malicious redirects anymore. It’s a problem that has simply been completely removed. Truly a ‘set it and forget it’ solution.”
COO, Venatus Media
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Venatus Media Eliminates Malicious Redirects

Venatus was in a constant fight against malicious redirect attacks, spending every weekend fighting an onslaught of malicious ads. After implementing HUMAN’s Malvertising Defense, the problem disappeared.
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500+ Million

page views protected a month
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work hours saved per week
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