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Block malicious ad behavior with greater precision through behavioral analysis—to protect publisher and platform reputations and revenue.
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How does HUMAN keep ads clean?

HUMAN analyzes digital ads to identify and eliminate malicious behavior with fewer false positives and less latency
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Preserve Revenue
Detect and prevent malicious behaviors within each impression from hijacking digital ad inventory.
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Protect Brand Reputation

Keep experiences free of bad ads—with greater precision—to improve your reputation and audience trust. 

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Optimize Performance and Overhead
A single line of code protects—without adding increased latency or maintenance overhead of bulky blocklists.

Publishers: Protect Your Audiences From Malvertising Attacks

HUMAN’s on-page script safeguards all publisher inventory—including video—from harmful digital ad activity. It utilizes technical analysis of each ad impression rather than traditional sandboxing and blocklist techniques to detect and protect against malicious behavior.  

As the only solution that identifies and blocks deceitful code after an ad is rendered, Malvertising Defense ensures publisher revenue is earned without audiences encountering malicious behavior. HUMAN protects publishers without costly false positives or added page latency.

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Human-Malvertising-Eliminate costly remediation

Platforms: Protect Your Inventory From Bad Ads

HUMAN scans programmatic ad creatives and landing pages and alerts to the presence of malicious behavior—empowering platforms to keep bad ads from being served. HUMAN safeguards platforms without adding latency to the bidding process or publisher client pages.

Platforms allowing malicious ads to be delivered to publishers risk significant harm to their reputation. They also risk these publishers leaving the platform for competitors that offer more protection and cleaner inventory.

50% of all B2B spending is from digital ads

Malicious ads are big business. HUMAN provides precise protection and blocks malicious behavior to disrupt attackers’ plans and raise their costs.

Keep Digital Ad Impressions Honest

Curiosity Media Solved Troubling Mobile Redirect Issues for

For Curiosity Media, malvertising reared its ugly head primarily through malicious redirects on The team implemented HUMAN's Malvertising Defense to ensure that both ad reporting and ad serving continued unaltered and uninterrupted from the current state.
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increase in monthly page views per user
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customer complaints immediately
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“Preserving ad dollars and ad reporting was our number one priority. Malvertising Defense was able to prove that we would never have to sacrifice revenue when choosing to block malicious ads.”
Product Manager, Curiosity Media
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"We don’t talk about malicious redirects anymore. It's a problem that has simply been completely removed. Truly a ‘set it and forget it’ solution.”
COO, Venatus Media
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Venatus Media Eliminates Malicious Redirects and Streamlines Operations

Venatus was in a constant fight against malicious redirect attacks, spending nearly every weekend fighting an onslaught of malicious ads. After implementing HUMAN’s Malvertising Defense, the problem disappeared.
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500+ million

page views protected a month
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work hours saved per week
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