Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.
Ad Quality Defense


HUMAN Ad Quality Defense empowers publishers to protect ad inventory from content, policy, and technical violations—for greater quality experiences.

Ad Quality Defense Tailored for You

For Platforms

For Publishers

Improve the quality of
your inventory

Maximize your inventory’s value and protect visitors’ experiences by ensuring the quality of your programmatic inventory.
Superior Detection
Gain visibility into ad quality violations to adhere creatives and landing pages to standards.
Checkmark in front of browser window
Granular Control
Filter unwanted advertisers and creatives with personalized standards across all partner platforms.
Human-Preserve Revenue and Time@2x
Maximize Revenue

Filter out unsuitable or offensive creatives to protect reputation with higher-quality inventory.

Avoid Non-Suitable and Lower-Quality Creatives

HUMAN Ad Quality Defense empowers publishers to deploy custom quality configurations—with ease—at the pre-bid stage. Gain control over programmatic inventory and improve value by serving more relevant advertisements.

Protect your inventory with a purpose-built package.

Ad Quality Defense for Publishers is part of HUMAN’s Advertising Protection Package, a suite of solutions purpose-built to secure digital advertising.

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$73B will be wasted by brands
on digitally-suboptimal ads

HUMAN’s Ad Quality Defense for Publishers protects your inventory quality.

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