Ad Quality Defense


Become a safe, reliable partner in the digital advertising ecosystem by preventing unwanted ads that ruin the experience for your users.

How does HUMAN protect ad quality?

Preserve revenue, brand reputation, and visitor experiences by protecting the quality of your digital ad inventory.
Superior Detection
Ensure compliance of ad creatives and landing pages through powerful scanning methods and sophisticated machine learning models.
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Granular Control
Block unwanted advertisers and creatives with customizable creative settings and rules at the pre-bid stage.
Human-Preserve Revenue and Time@2x
Revenue Protection

Protect your reputation and the quality of your inventory with filters that remove unsuitable or offensive ad creatives, protecting the visitor experience. 

Publishers: Control Quality Standards With Ease

Deploy custom creative settings and rules across all partner platforms at the pre-bid stage. With Ad Quality Defense, you control the quality of the ad placements in your inventory via our dashboard.


Publishers: Protect Your Visitors’ Experiences

Prevent non-suitable, offensive, lower-quality, or competitive digital creatives from being delivered to your site by your programmatic partners. With Ad Quality Defense, you identify and filter unwanted advertisers and creatives at pre-bid to protect your reputation and improve your visitors’ experiences.

Platforms: Deliver Inventory Free from Unwanted Ads

Protect your reputation and retain clients by preventing unwanted ads from  being delivered to your publisher clients. With Ad Quality Defense, our proprietary machine learning-driven content engine provides in-depth analysis against a host of generally accepted advertising guidelines, and alerts your platform when items fail to meet those standards.


Platforms: Protect Your Reputation and Revenue

Safeguard your reputation and retain clients by eliminating ads that harm the quality of your publisher clients’ sites. Ad Quality Defense delivers sophisticated scanning tools and machine learning models to help platforms protect the reputation and value of their inventory.

$735B is expected to be spent on digital advertising by 2025

With half of that transacted programmatically, HUMAN’s Ad Quality Defense protects your revenue.

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