Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.

Yieldmo Partners with White Ops to Stop Sophisticated Bots and Provide Mobile Advertisers with the Highest Level of Ad Fraud Protection

White Ops’ Bot Mitigation Platform helps Yieldmo achieve record low invalid traffic rate

NEW YORK--White Ops, the global leader in bot mitigation, has announced a partnership with Yieldmo, one of the world’s largest independent mobile ad marketplaces, to protect its programmatic demand partners from sophisticated bot attacks. Yieldmo’s Marketplace offers solutions across native, display, high-impact and video advertising. By leveraging White Ops’ Bot Mitigation Platform, which features MediaGuard, YieldMo significantly improves the end-user mobile experience. Today, Yieldmo is delivering eight billion monthly mobile ad impressions across 156 million monthly unique visitors.

Prior to implementing White Ops’ Bot Mitigation Platform, Yieldmo’s invalid traffic (IVT) rate was already among the lowest in the industry at one percent, compared to the up to 14 percent rates for mobile traffic reported in White Ops’ fourth Bot Baseline report, released in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Following the installation of White Ops’ Bot Mitigation Platform, Yieldmo’s IVT rate has dropped a further 90 percent, to a reported 0.1 percent.

“Yieldmo’s mission is to transform the way brands advertise by leveraging attention analytics. That demands a clean environment that brands can trust,” said Mike Yavonditte, CEO of Yieldmo. “Partnering with White Ops ensures Yieldmo’s Marketplace of premium publishers offers brands the cleanest ecosystem to attract and measure the attention of their customers.”

MediaGuard is a bot prevention API using machine-learning algorithms that learn and adapt in real-time to accurately block bot-driven ad requests before a buyer has the opportunity to bid on them. Eliminating fraudulent ad requests earlier in the bid process results in better overall performance for advertisers and yield for publishers. By leveraging White Ops’ Bot Mitigation Platform, Yieldmo can accurately block sophisticated bots and pre-bid IVT without compromising the speed of their website and online operations. MediaGuard prevents bots and IVT across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and connected TV (CTV) environments in real time before an impression is served.

"White Ops now verifies the humanity of more than one trillion interactions per week across the internet. As cyber criminals target the mobile advertising ecosystem, we as an industry need to take a proactive role to protect against ad fraud," said Michael Tiffany, President and Co-Founder of White Ops. "By implementing our White Ops’ Bot Mitigation Platform, Yieldmo is demonstrating its dedication to a clean ecosystem and overall end-user experience."

About White Ops

At White Ops, we are all about keeping it human. We are a cyber security company that is the global leader in bot mitigation. We protect more than 200 enterprises—including the largest internet platforms—from sophisticated bots by verifying the humanity of nearly one trillion online interactions every week. The most sophisticated bots look and act like humans when they click on ads, visit websites, fill out forms, take over accounts, and commit payment fraud. We stop them. For more information, visit www.whiteops.com.

About Yieldmo

Yieldmo Marketplace™ is the fastest-growing, attention optimized marketplace for agencies and brand advertisers. With partnerships across 1,400 premium publishers, reaching nearly 80% of US consumers, advertisers know that their ads only show up on the sites they trust. Our patented ad formats span display, native, video, and high-impact, and are designed to meet any marketing objective. Whether buying through programmatic open exchanges or direct private marketplace deals, we consistently beat client expectations on scale and performance.