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White Ops ‘Marketing Integrity’ Product Delivers Unmatched Bot Mitigation Enabling Marketing Leaders To Protect Brand Websites And Their Customer Acquisition Efforts

New offering detects and prevents sophisticated bots from negatively impacting the performance and ROI of digital marketing campaigns

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — White Ops, the global leader in bot mitigation, today announced Marketing Integrity, a new offering designed to protect marketers’ websites and customer acquisition efforts from sophisticated bot attacks. Marketing Integrity is the first product to protect marketers’ digital lead acquisition efforts, ensuring they are engaging with real humans—not sophisticated bots—maximizing the effectiveness and ROI of overall marketing campaigns, increasing conversion rates, preserving the data quality of lead generation and CRM platforms and efficiently allocating resources for contact outreach and retargeting. Marketing Integrity extends the reach of White Ops’ capabilities to proactively protect the entire marketing and sales funnel processes.

In working with top brands over a 90-day time period, White Ops determined the humanity of more than 544 million page views as part of the Marketing Integrity pilot program. The composition of pages analyzed during the pilot period varied between pages designed to inform users of a marketer’s goods and services and pages designed to collect information on prospective customers vis-á-vis forms. Pilot study participants stated that the majority of data collected from form-collection pages is transferred to their respective CRM system where it is then used for sales and segmentation purposes.

Results of the White Ops Marketing Integrity pilot program with top brands include:

  • 544 million page views analyzed between July, 2019 and September, 2019.
  • More than 15 million page views on form collection pages were deemed to be from bot-based, sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) sources.
  • Percent of SIVT on pilot-participant form-collection pages was as high as 40.08%.
  • Retargeted ad inventory that was targeted to users exposed to a form-collection page had SIVT percent rates as high as 38%.
  • Using cost-per-acquisition rates supplied by pilot participants, White Ops has estimated that over $30 million in marketing spend was lost to bot-based fraud over the 90-day time period.

Sophisticated bots look and act like humans when they take over accounts, commit payment fraud, click on ads, scrape website content or fill out forms. Undetected, they can siphon hundreds of millions of dollars away from marketing budgets by creating dead-end leads for automation and follow up. Retargeting campaigns often waste money trying to reach bots, salespeople waste time trying to contact fake leads and marketers lose visibility into which campaigns and channels are driving meaningful results. As marketers spend billions of dollars annually on digital lead-generation and education efforts, fraudsters have increasingly been taking aim at capturing portions of the total spend, frequently operating undeterred and without consequence.

“We show marketing leaders where sophisticated bot activity is coming from through their campaigns so they can stop spending dollars advertising to bots, prevent their sales teams from following up on fake leads, and avoid retargeting bots through digital campaigns,” said Tamer Hassan, Co-founder and CEO of White Ops. “By taking bots out of the equation, these companies have the opportunity to spend their advertising dollars targeting verified humans, which brings more transparency, positively impacts lead-gen tactics and increases overall conversion rates.”

White Ops Marketing Integrity gives clients the ability to analyze their marketing programs to better understand which tactics and campaigns are resulting in fraudulent activity. This insight enables marketers to discontinue spending in channels rife with non-human traffic (SIVT) and ensures that marketing remains a human endeavor.

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