White Ops Grows Revenue by More Than Eight Fold in 2014 as Company Arms Advertisers and Businesses to Wipe Out Online Fraud


NEW YORK, NY– February 9, 2015 – White Ops, a pioneer in online fraud detection, today announced exponential growth for its fiscal year ending December 31, 2014. The company’s explosive momentum and major milestones include:

  •  Skyrocketing Revenues—Saw more than 700 percent growth in contrast to fiscal 2013, resulting from a customer base that swelled by nearly 400 percent. White Ops now counts customers across the entire digital advertising ecosystem, including major corporate advertisers, AdTech giants and top Internet publishers.

  • Expanding Team—Increased employee base by more than 300 percent last year to meet industry demand and to accelerate the enhancement of White Ops’ bot detection and prevention innovations. The expanding staff also prompted growth in footprint with a larger office in Manhattan to replace the company’s original headquarters in Brooklyn.

  • Premier Partnership—Joined with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to conduct the largest digital advertising fraud investigation of its kind on behalf of 36 of the world’s best-known brands such as Nestle, MillerCoors, Honda, Ford Motor Company, Johnson & Johnson and Kimberly-Clark. The study comprised an unprecedented analysis of more than 5.5 Billion ad impressions, within 181 tier-one ad campaigns and predicted ad fraud losses in 2015 to reach $6.3B.

  • Increased Investment—Secured $9M in investment from new investors Paladin Capital Group, Grotech Ventures and other security industry luminaries in June 2014. The funds will enable White Ops to accelerate its growth and reach in the digital advertising space and to fund the development of additional innovations to combat other forms of bot-driven crime.

  • Deeper Strategic Bench—Broadened the White Ops executive team and Board by appointing industry-influencers in both the security and advertising sectors. In 2014, the company appointed former RSA Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Eddie Schwartz as president and chief operating officer (COO); former RSA CTO Tim Belcher and investors Philip Eliot from Paladin Capital Group and Steve Fredrick from Grotech Ventures all joined the White Ops Board of Directors.

  • Received Numerous Accolades—Achieved an elite position as a Finalist in the highly competitive Innovation Sandbox at the RSA Conference in February 2014. In November 2014, White Ops was selected to participate in SC Magazine’s Emerging Product Group (EPG) round-up for on-line fraud solutions. Technology Editor Peter Stephenson noted that White Ops “provides evidence-based bot and malware detection with high certainty, in real-time, on any browser-based web request. This is so easy to use and the user interface and dashboard so straightforward that it is almost deceptively simple.” The company also received recognition from industry watcher, the 451 Group, stating, “White Ops turns the attack/defense dynamic on its head for great justice.”

“Somebody robs a bank, bankers get angry. Somebody robs an advertiser, however, and for a long time the reaction was just ‘Oh! Our numbers are up!’ That’s changed. Bots don’t buy anything.” said Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Dan Kaminsky at White Ops. “Bad money drives out good and so does bad advertising. If all you seek is network traffic, that is all you will get. But there are actually people on the Internet—it’s not all fraud! Advertisers, Ad Tech companies and publishers that appeal to real people with genuine contributions from writers, artists, journalists and developers, will be rewarded because of the innovations White Ops is deploying. The 2014 ANA/White Ops study wasn’t just a milestone for the industry; it was a manifesto for how White Ops will help the industry alter the economics of digital fraud in 2015. We found there will be at least $6.3B in fraud in the coming year and we’re doing something about it.”

White Ops offers the world’s first systematic, massively scalable, continuous anti-fraud solution for accurately isolating and eliminating bot-infected traffic. By applying the frictionless and invisible techniques of Side Channel Analysis across thousands of real-time user session variables, White Ops differentiates between a human and machine-driven request, across the full spectrum of impression and click fraud techniques—regardless of the sophistication of the bot programmer and their attempts to adapt and evade. This agile and deterministic approach is vastly more advanced and effective than methods generally employed by legacy fraud detection services, which rely largely on historical data and statistical and predictive analysis to estimate bot activity.

About White Ops

White Ops is a pioneer in the detection of and systematic defense against bot and malware fraud, providing advertisers and enterprise businesses with the tools they need to eliminate fraud, raise their bottom lines and ensure the success of their campaigns and the security of their systems and data. White Ops' leading-edge technology combats criminal activity in a significantly different and more comprehensive way than any method currently on the market. White Ops differentiates between bot and human interaction in online advertising and publishing, enterprise business networks, e-commerce transactions, financial systems and more, allowing clients to remove and prevent fraudulent traffic and activity. By working with clients to cut off sources of bad traffic, White Ops makes bot and malware fraud unprofitable and unsustainable for the cyber criminals who ultimately profit from it -- an economic strategy that will eventually eradicate this type of fraud. On the web at White Ops.