Videology Saves Advertisers Billions of Dollars Using White Ops, Blocking Over 500 Billion Bot Requests in Past Three Years

NEW YORK, September 14, 2017 – Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, today announced that the company has blocked about 550 billion fraudulent bot requests – and is increasing steadily – through its advertising platform since integrating with White Ops’ pre-bid prevention in Q1 2015. Videology estimates that delivering ads to those 550 billion bot requests could have resulted in nearly $10 billion in fraudulent ad spend going to organizations perpetrating non-human interactions on advertising placements over the last three years. The company is on track to block nearly a trillion bot requests by early 2018. 

This dramatic increase is due in part to increased usage of Videology’s pre-bid bot prevention capabilities by the demand side, as well as the growing adoption by suppliers across their entire video portfolios. Additionally, Videology has seen an increase in private marketplace (PMP) transactions between some of the largest global media agencies, advertisers, and major media companies, who now routinely use pre-bid prevention. In general, PMP relationships match top tier demand partners with top tier suppliers, so the commitment to quality is highly valued.

While the White Ops integration blocks bots on the impression level, cumulative insights collected over time allow Videology to identify and eliminate known sources of high bot traffic, improving the overall quality of media within the platform. As such, Videology saw an average block rate of 17%, since 2015, and this continues to steadily decline month-over-month.

“Three years ago, Videology implemented White Ops for pre-bid fraud prevention in the video advertising ecosystem. This allowed us to take a proactive, definitive stance against fraud early on. It was a bold step, and initially clients did see an impact on both scale and price in comparison to our competitors because it costs more to serve ads to real people on premium inventory. We knew, however, that it had to be done, and advertisers who cared about driving real results appreciated our efforts – and still do,” said Scott Ferber, CEO and Founder, Videology.

“Videology recognized very early on that invalid traffic and bot fraud were particularly rampant in video, where high CPMs and a complex value chain provide a perfect haven for cybercriminals to swarm in. As the first video platform to adopt White Ops, Videology’s brilliant foresight and commitment continues to create a significant impact on their customers. Fighting ad fraud is a ‘long game,’ and the results from Videology show that fraud prevention brings meaningful benefits to the entire ad ecosystem,” said Sandeep Swadia, CEO of White Ops.

Videology's platform offers real-time non-human activity detection and prevention through a direct integration with White Ops’ pre-bid prevention. The solution can be leveraged on any campaign, on any device, run through the Videology platform. The integration provides Videology platform buyers with the capability to ensure media quality throughout the lifecycle of a campaign, blocking non-human activity while optimizing for a campaign’s key objectives.


About Videology:
Videology ( is a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising. By simplifying big data, we empower marketers and media companies to make smarter advertising decisions to fully harness the value of their audience across screens. Our math and science-based technology enables our customers to manage, measure and optimize digital video and TV advertising to achieve the best results in the converging media landscape.

Videology, Inc., is a privately-held, venture-backed company, whose investors include Catalyst Investors, Comcast Ventures, NEA, Pinnacle Ventures, and Valhalla Partners. Videology is headquartered in New York, NY, with key offices in Baltimore, Austin, Toronto, London, Madrid, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and sales teams across North America.


About White Ops:
White Ops protects the Internet from automated threats: threats such as ad fraud and account takeovers conducted by malicious bots. The biggest and smartest Internet companies in the world rely on White Ops to detect and prevent automated threats that cause billions in damages annually. The company's Human Verification technology prevents automated threats by combating their root cause: the malicious software behind bots, ad fraud, and app fraud.  Even when bots use sophisticated techniques like exploiting real people’s devices, compromising human identity, or simulating human behavior, White Ops stops these bots with precision and reliability. To learn more, visit