Telaria is First Dedicated Premium Video SSP to Launch Comprehensive Fraud Prevention Solution With White Ops

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Telaria Inc. (NYSE: TLRA), the complete software platform to manage video advertising for premium publishers, today announced a partnership with White Ops to prevent invalid and fraudulent traffic from entering the bid process for any demand-side platform (DSP) transacting on Telaria’s Video Management Platform (VMP). Every ad request on Telaria’s VMP, across all screens and formats, will now be scanned by White Ops to prevent DSPs from purchasing fraudulent traffic.

This partnership means that Telaria will eliminate almost all chances of fraud before it ever reaches the buyer. In fast growing, high value areas like CTV and premium video, where Telaria is a leading force, the allure of high CPMs and a rich audience profile raises the potential for fraud. White Ops and Telaria’s integration is an aggressive step to stop fraudulent activity.

Doug Campbell, Chief Strategy Officer of Telaria, said, “This integration with White Ops definitively helps combat fraud in the programmatic video ecosystem as close as we can get to the point of entry, in the process creating a more efficient, clean and trustworthy work process between Telaria and our demand side partners. It is critical to the growth and health of the premium video supply market that advertisers feel confident in the quality of the content that supports the advertising experience, as well as in their advertising ROI. It is only when they are confident that they will grow their investments in exciting areas like OTT and CTV. This partnership, along with the fact that our platform is 100% ads.txt compliant across all our video supply, is part of our commitment to our demand partners that they can have a high level of confidence when they transact on the Telaria VMP, and that they will never pay for fraudulent inventory.”

“Insatiable demand makes digital video advertising a high-risk area for fraud, as fraud operations inflate supply with spoofing and bots watching videos,” said Michael Tiffany, President & Co-founder of White Ops. “Controlling ad fraud takes a combination of business and technology processes. White Ops is proud to bring a technology layer to eliminating bot-driven ad fraud from Telaria's supply. Our partnership not only helps protect this important part of the advertising ecosystem, but also signals to the broader market that there is no tolerance for fraudulent traffic.”

The White Ops partnership is a part of Telaria’s Fraud Fighter solution, a first-to-market program that offers buyers protection against fraud for premium video inventory monetized on the company’s platform, including CTV, the fastest-growing video segment in the industry. The program exemplifies Telaria’s drive to lead the industry in content quality and underscores its approach to partnering with those companies equally committed to a fraud-free ecosystem.

The Fraud Fighter solution is an ongoing, platform-wide initiative that reinforces to DSP partners and their clients that video inventory transacted on the Telaria platform will meet or exceed industry brand safety standards. Telaria’s Fraud Fighter program creates an unprecedented level of accountability in the industry while assuring clients and prospective clients that Telaria is a safe place to do business.