Ericsson Emodo and HUMAN Expand Protection Against Sophisticated Bot Attacks and Fraud in Mobile Advertising


Emodo joins the Human Collective as a founding member to eradicate fraud across the advertising supply chain

San Francisco and New York  —Emodo, an Ericsson company, today announced its partnership with HUMAN Security, Inc. (formerly White Ops), the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud. In joining the Human Collective, a new program designed to protect the digital advertising ecosystem from the impacts of fraud, Emodo is doubling down on its mission to provide the highest quality data available in the mobile advertising industry. 

Sophisticated bots pose an increasingly significant threat to the demand and supply sides of the programmatic ad ecosystem. For years, Emodo has been on a mission to improve the quality of targeting data and advertising more broadly, with educational initiatives and a suite of offerings aimed at verifying targeting accuracy. As a new member of the Human Collective, Emodo is committed to protecting against ad fraud across both the buy-side and sell-side of the programmatic ecosystem. In addition, Emodo will be adding HUMAN’s MediaGuard to further fortify its global programmatic offering with an additional layer of security to ensure advertisers are protected from ad fraud. 

“The stakes are higher than ever for advertisers: they are impacted by regulatory and technology changes that render old audience targeting tools ineffective, making it harder than ever to maximize ad spend and demonstrate ROI,” said Emodo Chief Operating Officer Damian McKenna. “Ad fraud could grow to over $50 billion by 2025. Emodo is adding HUMAN’s MediaGuard on top of our machine learning technology that already verifies data accuracy, as additional counter-measures that create a high quality environment for brands. This is another step in Emodo’s commitment to deliver high quality campaigns for advertisers’, ensuring their spend goes precisely to where it’s directed.” 

By bringing together organizations across the ad tech landscape, the Human Collective is raising the consequences and practical cost of fraud through shared resources and cooperation. Today, HUMAN verifies the humanity of more than 10 trillion digital interactions per week, offering enterprises a platform with unmatched protection from fraudulent activity across the Internet. 

“To sustain its growth, digital advertising needs a trusted and collectively protected marketplace built through global collaboration and strong partnerships,” said HUMAN Co-Founder and CEO Tamer Hassan. “As a leader in 5G and AI solutions and a key innovator in the advertising and data analytics space, Emodo’s partnership with HUMAN will enhance both organizations’ capabilities in the fight against cybercrime. Additionally, Emodo’s public commitment to best practices for privacy, transparency, trust and accountability in the marketplace demonstrates how the industry leader exemplifies the values of the Human Collective.”

This partnership comes on the heels of Emodo’s entrance into the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), a not-for-profit dedicated to responsible data collection and its use for digital advertising. Following Emodo’s May launch of Predictive Audiences, a machine learning solution to address audience segments without Device IDs, the company’s entrance into the NAI is its most recent move to protect consumer privacy while delivering the impact and scale that advertisers require.

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About Ericsson Emodo 
Emodo is the independent provider of high-impact audience, inventory and creative solutions that elevate campaign results through the application of machine learning technologies. The company’s machine learning models proactively identify top-performing inventory and audiences, pre-bid. Emodo’s ML models are continuously trained by the industry’s most accurate truth sets, including exclusive data from mobile telcos and networks. Through its horizontally-integrated platform, Emodo offers both supply- and demand-side capabilities and a highly-optimized path for both buyers and sellers. Emodo solutions are available through every leading DSP and through Managed Service, making it easy for advertisers to buy however they wish.

Emodo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ericsson, a world leader in telecommunications technology and services that powers billions of mobile connections worldwide.

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