Aniview Partners with White Ops to Fend Off Sophisticated Bot Attacks and Safeguard the Integrity of Video Advertising

Partnership Delivers New Avenue for Publishers and Advertising Networks to Protect their Inventory with White Ops Advertising Integrity via Aniview’s Platform 

New York, February 2, 2021Aniview, a leading provider of holistic end-to-end ad-serving solutions for publishers, announced a new partnership with White Ops, the global leader in collective protection against sophisticated bot attacks and fraud. Aniview’s platform will fully integrate the White Ops Advertising Integrity solution to help optimize protection and ensure its customers’ safety from malicious and sophisticated cybersecurity risks. As a result of this partnership, publishers and advertising networks have another avenue by which they can access White Ops protection for their inventory. 

The most common types of video fraud occur when malicious fraudsters misrepresent their display units as video inventory in programmatic exchanges. These sophisticated bots are deployed through malware embedded in software, essentially performing device-hijacking on a mass, organized scale. With the significant dangers ad fraud poses to the video supply chain, safety has become an increasingly critical issue and, as such, dangers are being met with innovative solutions.

White Ops recently became the first company to receive accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for end-to-end coverage against Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) for desktop, mobile web, mobile in-app, and Connected TV (CTV). Working directly with the largest internet platforms, DSPs, and exchanges, White Ops verifies the humanity of more than 10 trillion digital interactions per week. With White Ops Advertising Integrity, platforms can tap into the most comprehensive pre-bid prevention and post-bid detection capabilities to verify the validity of advertising efforts across all channels. The White Ops Fraud Mitigation Platform uses a multilayered detection methodology to spot and stop sophisticated bots and fraud by using technical evidence, continuous adaptation, machine learning, and threat intelligence.

With this partnership, Aniview and its customers can leverage White Ops’ privacy-sensitive detection technology to identify threats and automated fraud attempts, ensuring their advertising inventory can be trusted and fraud-free. White Ops provides a deeper granular understanding of bot interactions and activity patterns to save time and money. Aniview is now able to provide its clients an effective solution to identify and prevent malicious video-bot traffic. This partnership represents the next step in Aniview’s mission to provide verified traffic and protection against video ad fraud. 

Aniview’s end-to-end ad-serving solution includes a patented video ad-player, mobile apps SDK, seamless header bidding integration, high-performance ad-server, marketplace, CTV/OTT dynamic auction, and Server-side Ad Insertion (SSAI). Together, these components, coupled with the company’s machine-learning optimization algorithm, enable its users to manage, track, and monetize video content. Unlike other solutions, Aniview allows for customizable ad units alongside real-time yield optimization and currently services more than 10 billion video ad impressions each month. In September, the company was awarded the TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal, from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

“The boom of online video content in recent years has created an urgency for us to fully secure and protect customers against a rising tide of ad fraud,” says Roy Cohen, CTO of Aniview. “Working with White Ops and our internal fraud detection tools, we will develop greater application integrity by identifying and blocking bot traffic with the highest degree of accuracy and speed to stay ahead of adversaries.”

“Fighting fraud and abuse in digital advertising requires a collective approach to protect the industry against sophisticated threats,” says Ellie Windle, Vice President, Global Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at White Ops. “We’re excited to join together with Aniview in the optimization of fraud-free video advertising solutions. This partnership strengthens our presence in digital video while providing easier access to our platform for publishers and networks. The more partners that we have in this fight, the bigger our knowledge base grows and the better we can optimize our tactics against potential new threats from bad actors.”