When Bots Attack: Sophisticated Bots & What Enterprise Security is Missing

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Bots have transformed the way we engage online, efficiently handling a dizzying amount of data and revolutionizing customer service. Yet the success of good bots - combined with the increased demand for automation - has also led to a sophisticated market for bad bots. Now widely accessible to cybercriminals who are deploying malicious bots to invade networks and jeopardize user experience, bad bots are a reality enterprise CISOs now need to contend with.

According to Dark Reading Research’s ‘Three Out of Four Attacks: Sophisticated Bots and What Enterprise Security is Missing’ report, nearly three-quarters of organizations today suspect that a proportion of their website-traffic is generated by bots. Worryingly, these same enterprises admit they don’t have the optimal tools for defense to counteract these vicious bots.

Despite the lack of tools - and the knowledge that preventative action must be taken - there seems to be a lack of consensus over the ownership of bad bot mitigation, and whether it is the responsibility of marketing or security.

In this episode, HUMAN experts and guests are discussing why this is, and sharing essential findings from Dark Reading Research’s recent report. From diving into why bot attacks are jeopardizing businesses’ standing in the market and shareholder value, to exploring the most effective bad bot mitigation tools, join this 45-minute webinar to learn:

  • Why broader, traditional anti-fraud features, such as CAPTCHA and MFS are no longer adequate for dealing with increasingly sophisticated bot attacks
  • Why, in order to effectively defend applications against newer attacks, businesses must emphasize collaboration between the internal teams, including security, customer experience, e-commerce, and marketing
  • Which application security, machine learning, and anti-bot solutions businesses can use to detect and stop advanced automated attacks