Smells Like Bot Spirit: Protecting The Streaming Audio Economy

Streaming and Media, Data Contamination,

Fans are crucial to the success of any artist. But they only matter if they are real. Criminal bot syndicates have attacked every part of the streaming industry - from music to podcasts and audiobooks. They prey upon and defraud artists, content creators, streaming services, labels, and publishers - just to name a few. “Bot farms” have a unique advantage: they can coordinate openly in forums, message boards, and thinly disguised ads; streaming services and distributors are understandably restricted to internal discussion because of legal, competitive, or reputational concerns. Their hands were tied, until now. Hear from HUMAN, Soundcloud, Rise and more as we discuss streaming authenticity, future fan economies, and how we can build offerings that drive authentic engagement. The best fans are flesh-and-blood, not hard coded. Panelists: Madison Mills, Anchor and Correspondent, Bloomberg’s Quicktake (Moderator) Andrew Hucks-Folliss, Head of Audio Partnerships, HUMAN Thomas Anderson, Chief Marketplace Development Officer, Ericsson Emodo Michael Pelczynski, VP, Head of Strategy, SoundCloud Oded Rosenboim, CBO, MinuteMedia Chen Shalit, CMO, Rise Andre Taliercio, Market Development Director, Europe, Triton