Show Me The $$: VASTFLUX

Streaming and Media, Programmatic Ad Fraud,

HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence & Research team recently uncovered a sophisticated ad fraud operation they dubbed VASTFLUX. With their research, we were able to execute an unprecedented private takedown with our customers and the Human Collective. Now that the operation has been disrupted, what can we learn from it?

Two of the leading investigators from the Satori team share what they learned from their experience fighting off VASTFLUX. View this webinar to hear:

  • A deep dive into the threat models behind VASTFLUX
  • How the operators made money from this scheme
  • How the three pillars of a modern defense strategy can disrupt the economics of cybercrime
  • What programmatic players can do to to come together and fight back against future threats like VASTFLUX
  • And more