Safeguarding the Humanity of Digital Interactions

All Industries, Account Takeover, Transaction Abuse, Scraping, Data Contamination,
With the proliferation of cloud-based applications also comes the proliferation of bot fraud, which can result in degraded customer trust, loss of inventory, security breaches, and increased resource utilization. That’s why bot mitigation is increasingly important to conduct business securely, regardless of your industry.

Together, HUMAN and AWS provide a layered solution to seamlessly improve
application performance and protect your cloud-native web and mobile applications from
sophisticated bots masquerading as humans.

In this session, learn how deploying BotGuard for Applications from HUMAN adds another layer of protection on top of the native capabilities provided by CloudFront, AWS Shield, and AWS WAF. The combined solution means that by the time a bot lands on your digital doorstep, you’ve already seen it and can mitigate its impact.

Here are some common themes we’ll discuss:

  • Mitigating new sign-up fraud
  • Blocking comment spamming
  • Stopping account takeover
  • Preventing credential stuffing