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Ready Player Bot - Protecting Advertising in Gaming

Gaming, Programmatic Ad Fraud,

Recent eMarketer research shows that mobile gaming ad revenues will top $6 billion this year, up 14% from last year. A Statista report suggests that 42% of respondents spend six or more hours every week playing video games. Supply of the latest generation of video game consoles has been unable to keep up with demand, even a year and a half after those consoles hit the market. Video games have reached the public’s zeitgeist, and the advertising industry is catching up fast. Major advertising players like Amazon, Facebook, and Snap are all buying video game companies, and money is flowing into these new channels. But as with every new and growing marketplace, cybercriminals are hunting for their “in”, hoping to siphon off a piece of that advertising spend. Hear from HUMAN, Anzu, WPP, and Reddit on how the industry can learn from the lessons of mobile, CTV, and podcasting to protect themselves from the influence of fraud and keep the games for the gamers. Participants: David DiAngelo, Global VP of Marketplace Development, InMobi (moderator) Ben Fenster, CPO, Anzu Tamer Hassan, CEO & Co-Founder, HUMAN Dale Imerman, Global Director Metaverse & Innovation, WPP Ashleigh Rankin, Head of Growth, EMEA, Reddit