Protect Your Business Against Sophisticated Automated Attacks

All Industries, Account Takeover, Transaction Abuse, Scraping, Data Contamination,

Bots are used in three out of four of cyberattacks, but they work differently from conventional threats. Rather than looking for holes in your systems and defences, bots use applications as they were intended to be used. So then, how do you stop those sophisticated bots?

Including new research from Dark Reading, we explain the damage malicious automation can cause, the limitations of WAF and CAPTCHA, and how you can adopt new approaches to detect and counter sophisticated bots.

Join HUMAN’s Mark Phillips, VP Solutions Architecture and Peter Craig, Director of Cybersecurity Product Marketing, for a webinar on sophisticated bots and what enterprise security is missing.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your bot management strategy
  • Understand bot attacks and the limitations of CAPTCHAs
  • Receive new Dark Reading sophisticated bot research