Partnering Across the Enterprise to Knock Out Bot Attacks and Fraud

All Industries, Account Takeover, Transaction Abuse, Scraping, Data Contamination,

Digital is going gangbusters and unfortunately, so are digital bot attacks and fraud. Machine learning and AI have enabled transformational efficiency gains for enterprises as well as for cybercriminals and bad actors who are using increasingly sophisticated automation tools, or bots, to attack and defraud digital experiences at scale. While bot attacks and fraud are often continuous and connected across the customer journey, visibility and preparedness to mitigate these threats remains spotty and disconnected across organizational silos. The automated fraud and attack surface includes threats that affect IT and security leaders, digital product owners and marketing leaders alike, yet these groups are still managing disparate slices of the problem with different solutions, if at all. This roundtable will explore conflicting goals and challenges among digital marketing and IT/security leaders and how these roles can come together to tackle security and fraud across the business as a whole. You’ll hear examples of the eye opening “oh s*t” and “a-ha” moments that happened when these groups started talking about automated attacks and fraud and adopted solutions in collaboration with each other.