Mitigate the Risk of Fake Account Creation with Precision

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New customer account sign-ups are an indicator of a thriving business, but are those new clients human? You want account creation to be easy for humans. But is it also easy for bots?

Sophisticated bots can quickly and easily create large numbers of fake new user accounts. These accounts are either completely fake or are created using details where the real human is unaware of the fraud. These new phony accounts are then used to carry out malicious activity, such as payment fraud, special offers and discount abuse, and spam and misinformation spreading.

Creating a real new account needs to be quick and easy, so your consumer isn’t frustrated and lost. You want users to create accounts to provide offers and discounts and ensure they become long-term clients. Customer accounts also help you monitor customer behavior enabling you to make sound business decisions. However, sophisticated bots can use that same easy system to register new account after new account to use for their fraudulent activity.

Join HUMAN’s Bryan Becker, Director of Product Management and Peter Craig, Director of Cybersecurity Product Marketing, for a webinar on fake account creation and how to combat this threat.

You’ll learn:

  • Why and how fraudsters create fake accounts
  • Why sophisticated bots are different and the limitations of your existing defenses
  • How to stop sophisticated bots effectively without introducing unnecessary friction