Hacking the Metaverse: New Frontier, New Fraud

All Industries, Account Takeover, Account Fraud, Transaction Abuse,

The metaverse and NFTs have granted consumers with an unprecedented level of freedom to own and direct the brands they love, and brands are embracing this new frontier with incredible enthusiasm. While the potential is limitless and exciting, any opportunity for incentivization or monetization is wrought with fraud, and the fraudsters are already getting ahead. HUMAN is joined by metaverse and crypto experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges that come with this new frontier, how fraudsters are taking advantage of the new threat landscape, and how advertisers can leverage the metaverse safely. Panelists: Jason Schulweis, EVP, Brand Partnerships & Creative Studio, Morning Brew (Moderator) Tamer Hassan, Founder & CEO, HUMAN Laurie Weisberg, CEO, Creatd Joe Conyers, Executive Vice President, Global Head of NFTs, Scott Ensign, Chief Strategy Officer, Butler/Till Chad Latz, Chief Innovation Officer, BCW