Cannes Advertising 2023 Panel - Creating a Safer Internet and World: Sustainability & SPO

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The internet has a larger carbon footprint than the entire airline industry according to The Shift Project, a French sustainability nonprofit. Ad Tech certainly doesn’t help given the complex supply chains, data centers and compute power necessary to deliver programmatic ads across the internet. In fact, online activity makes up 4% of the world’s global emissions - and that number is expected to double by 2025. We must do something to slow this down. What do we do and where do we start?

In this panel, we delve into how Supply Path Optimization (SPO) promotes sustainability in the digital advertising ecosystem. We explore the many benefits of SPO like reducing infra costs, improving sustainable advertising practices and enabling transparency for maintaining inventory quality.

We also shed light on the ongoing efforts within the ad tech ecosystem to address sustainability concerns and the potential for further advancements, as we recognize that we are merely scratching the surface of this critical issue. Watch this video to explore the potential of SPO and delve deeper into the pursuit of sustainability within the ad tech industry.


- Rob Beeler, Founder & CEO, BEELER.TECH

- Scott Ensign, Chief Strategy Officer, BUTLER/TILL

- Harvin Gupta, Head of Commercial Partnerships, SCOPE3

- Morgan Jetto, VP & General Manager, VERVE GROUP

- Kristine Lopez, Head of Media Security Product, HUMAN SECURITY

- Chen Shalit, CRO, RISE