Bad Bots: Exposing Bots On Site Before They Distort Marketing-Driven Decisions

Streaming and Media, Data Contamination, Paid Marketing Manipulation, Lead Gen Fraud,

Marketing fraud is on the rise. Bad actors are exploiting the large number of channels found in modern digital advertising, and increasingly capitalizing on a lack of industry awareness and organizational dysfunction around security weak spots. With the consumer, investor, customer and regulator trust at stake, security and marketing leaders need to get ahead of this growing threat.

A key challenge for businesses is that unlike marketing and security professionals, fraudsters don't care about silos. With their broad range of attacks including digital advertisement fraud, e-commerce fraud and credential stuffing, they can easily slip through departmental cracks and damage entire businesses. With marketing and security teams establishing that this is a shared problem, it’s clear that a more holistic approach to combating fraud is required. But how exactly can marketing and security teams effectively put on a united front and overcome bad bots? In the first episode of our two-part series, experts from HUMAN and their guests are sharing how.

Join them to hear:

  • The forms of marketing fraud today, and why attackers can easily slip through the cracks
  • How to stop bots and reduce wasted ad spend
  • How bots lead to distorted data-driven decisions - be it in media spend or business strategy
  • Best practices for how security and marketing teams can work together
  • Why the impact of marketing and advertising fraud extends far beyond lost advertising dollars