Just announced: HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence and Research team has disrupted a cunning mobile advertising fraud campaign dubbed Konfety.

Yieldmo and White Ops - ensuring squeaky-clean mobile inventory

One of the biggest concerns for any brand or agency looking to reach consumers in an increasingly-competitive marketplace is whether the ad inventory that any given partner is offering is clean enough to bid on. Fraudsters change their tactics every day—trying to steal from those advertising budgets—and any partnership that a brand or agency forms with an advertising marketplace is going to be predicated in no small part on whether the mobile marketplace can offer fraud-free publishers and placements.

Today, Yieldmo joined White Ops’ fight against ad fraud. Yieldmo, one of the fastest-growing advertising marketplaces for brands and agencies, rolled out White Ops’ bot mitigation platform, MediaGuard. With MediaGuard in place, Yieldmo’s agency and brand partners will see their placements appear only when a human is on the other end of the screen, never a bot. Clean inventory is essential for what Yieldmo offers their partners. If the entire purpose of partnering with an organization like Yieldmo is an enhanced visibility into how consumers interact with your ads, measuring hover time, swipes on mobile devices, or scrolls on native ads, those metrics need to be drawn entirely from human interaction, not sophisticated humanish interactions.

This fraud fight needs all hands on deck. Sophisticated bots are getting smarter, and the tools developed yesterday to spot them may not spot them for very long. White Ops’ threat intelligence and threat detection teams find new ways to identify SIVT every day, and our partners benefit from that cutting-edge research as we stay two steps ahead of the bad guys. But it takes partners like Yieldmo, who are taking every measure they can to maintain a clean ad inventory, for this to be a successful fight.

Between White Ops’ security- and privacy-centric approach and Yieldmo’s leadership in ensuring the integrity of their ecosystem, this partnership bodes well for buy-siders and sell-siders alike. Every new partner in the fight against ad fraud is a valued brother-in-arms, and Yieldmo’s proactivity in deploying MediaGuard demonstrates their commitment to this war. It’s with partners like Yieldmo that we’ll restore trust in the internet and keep it human.

We’re looking forward to where this partnership will grow in the coming years.