HUMAN is Named a Leader and Earns Top Scores in Nine Criteria in the Forrester Wave™: Bot Management Software, Q3 2024

Why HUMAN Partnering with AWS is Beneficial to All

The reality is that our world has changed since the beginning of 2020 in the programmatic ecosystem. Advertising has grown significantly in the last three years, with the digital advertising industry growing by 15.6% in 2022, reaching 602 billion dollars. However, where there’s money there’s fraud - and programmatic advertising isn’t immune.These types of ad fraud operations affect all parties that interact in the ecosystem, including advertisers, publishers, and customers. 

HUMAN's goal is to protect the digital advertising ecosystem and stop bad actors from getting any profit by disrupting the economics of the activities. We use modern defense strategy and its three pillars of visibility, network effect, and disruptions and takedowns as a foundation. That is why HUMAN and Amazon Web Services working together is an ideal pairing. We want to be judged by our ability to combat ad fraud effectively with our products and in turn disrupting the economics of cybercrime. Consequently, AWS knows in this constantly evolving digital landscape that has seen an uptick in ad fraud operations since the start of pandemic, it is crucial to select a reliable partner who can safeguard their business interests and uphold customers' confidence. Combining our decision-making power with the efficiency of AWS, we can stop ad fraud in 12 milliseconds or less.

AWS customers who use HUMAN's products receive unparalleled protection. This goes for both DSPs and SSPs that need informed data they can trust. Customers receive platform verification, trustworthy data, optimized return, and increased trust in the digital marketplace. This ensures an ad fraud-free marketplace.

Your reputation is safe with us because our reputation is based on protecting you. It's a circle of trust that helps us safeguard the ecosystem. To get a more in-depth look at how HUMAN and AWS work together, check out How HUMAN Advertising Intelligence Solutions Help Protect Against Ad Fraud in the Ad Tech Industry