White Ops Strengthens Third Party Validation of its Bot Mitigation Platform By Top Industry Analyst Group

As bots are getting increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect, many fraud and security teams are realizing that their current solutions aren’t effective enough. They need a comprehensive bot management solution that goes both deep and wide. Why? Sophisticated bots now look and act like humans when they visit websites, click on ads, fill out forms, take over accounts, and commit payment fraud. Today, more than 75% of bots reside on devices and mimic human behaviors by stealing the devices’ cookies, browsing times and IP addresses. As a result, traditional defenses are no longer effective and many current solutions on the market don’t catch these behaviors or stop them. At White Ops, we do stop them.

Today, White Ops verifies the humanity of over 1,000,000,000,000 interactions per week (soon, per day) in less than 5ms per session based on more than 200 algorithms that change constantly to stay ahead of bad actors. We do this for more than 200 enterprises, including the largest internet platforms, and we are serious about winning. Our unique approach to bot mitigation put us in the lead role to collaborate with the FBI, Google, Facebook and many other partners in the takedown of 3ve, one of the largest botnets ever defeated.

For our work, we have been recognized as a global leader in bot mitigation. We frequently speak with industry bodies, analyst firms, and trade organizations to validate our approach, our bot mitigation platform, and its efficacy. Our most recent development on this front has been our feature in the Forrester New Wave: Bot Management, Q1 2020 from Forrester Research, Inc.

Strategy and Performance

White Ops was named a Strong Performer in the report, which further validates our customers’ trust in our platform and our ability to detect even the most sophisticated bots. In the report, White Ops received differentiated ratings in attack detection, threat research, vision, roadmap, and market approach. White Ops was also given high marks in ‘Strategy’ as our multilayered approach enables us to detect and stop sophisticated bots with unmatched accuracy — all without compromising anyone’s experience on the web. Here is why our approach and strategy were rated so well in the report:

  • TECHNICAL EVIDENCE: Our privacy-sensitive approach enables us to gather data on the network, device, software, application, and user configuration to detect technical evidence of compromise. White Ops collects an average of 2,500 signals for each interaction. Of all the tests we serve, it only takes one failure to identify a sophisticated bot.
  • GLOBAL THREAT INTELLIGENCE: Our Threat Intelligence analysts proactively hunt for new threats on the internet, attributing threats to specific botnet operators, campaigns, and other threat actors. They specialize in threat hunting, malware reverse engineering, and threat modeling.
  • MACHINE LEARNING: We analyze thousands of data points collected across trillions of transactions to predict malicious behavior, enabling us to provide a high level of accuracy, even when there is minimal technical evidence.
  • CONTINUOUS ADAPTATION: We continuously adapted our bot mitigation platform over the last 7+ years, creating thousands of markers and hundreds of algorithms. Our speed to identify and build new detection mechanisms means we stay ahead of the adversary more than other solutions that are built on fixed detection mechanisms.

The one area in the report where we felt our position in the market was under-represented was our position in current offering. Since our founding, White Ops has focused predominantly on advertising and marketing fraud which we hold a dominant position in the market. We have earned the trust of our partners, some of the largest enterprises across the globe, which has allowed us to reach an enormous global scale.

Moving into Security

Our code, running in countless websites and apps every day, affords us a footprint larger than any single anti-virus or threat detection platform on the internet. We have significantly reduced fraud in this space as we focused there first as the billions of dollars in profits from these criminal activities often fund other types of cybercrime, such as malware and exploit development, malware-as-a-service, and more. If we disrupt the economics of cybercrime there, it helps reduce attacks across the entire ecosystem.

Because of our success in helping enterprises stop these sophisticated bot attacks in advertising and marketing, we have been pulled in by security teams to help protect against a wide variety of new fraud and abuse use cases. Current bot mitigation solutions are no longer effective in fighting these sophisticated bots, which is why the list of White Ops believers grows consistently. Each believer brings us closer to making the internet a safer place as a whole for generations to come.

We are pleased to be named by top industry analysts as leaders in this market as it reflects the hard work the White Ops team has put in to help us get there. If you are considering a partner to help you stop sophisticated bot attacks, our approach, accuracy and effectiveness will help protect your organization like no other.